Dress up Zed DTCL, play the newest Zed Butcher season 4.5

DTCL new season 4.5 version has officially been updated for gamers, sprouting a series of strong DTCL lineups. Combining the old and new clans in the Arena of Truth, DTCL 4.5 itemization hasn’t changed much except for the Artifacts Ornn cast for the hero.

So the way DTCL season 4 grafting has not changed much, so players can still itemize champions easily. Generals such as Samira, Tryndamere Butcher, Shyvana 4.5, Xayah, Aurelion Sol, Nasus, Olaf … in turn are storming the arena of Truth Arena 4.5.

But some old champions are also given priority on the ring because they are quite strong and can be the main damage champions. Typically Zed, he has a very good position in the squad such as the Ninja butcher, the spirit but in general, Zed is very good in DTCL 4.5. And this is how to build Zed DTCL 4.5, play the strongest Zed DTCL.

Zed DTCL’s basic stats, clan and skills 4.5


zed dtcl 4.5

Fake Rings

zed dtcl 4.5

Based on the two Zed clans here, he will deal quite a bit of damage if he gets 3 stars and has all the necessary equipment even if he is only 2 gold generals. Zed will be the main carry during the early to mid game and possibly late game.

Build Zed DTCL 4.5, build Zed DTCL 4.5

The most familiar item for Zed is Cannons Lien Thanh, Runaan Palace and Angel Armor or Magic Cloak. Wooden Bow is Zed’s most preferred item, followed by Silver Cloak, BF Sword, Net Armor, Training Gloves.

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However, you don’t always make that many Wooden Bows, so make use of what you have. The Death Blade, the Rageblade, the Blood Sword, and the Infinity Edge are also items that you should have in Zed’s wardrobe.

zed dtcl 4.5

Roster of Zed Butcher, the strongest Zed DTCL 4.5 formation

Zed Butcher Butcher

Total buff: 4 Rings, 3 Butchers, 2 Compassionates, 2 Assassins, 2 Protectors, 1 Daredevil, 1 Emperor

zed dtcl 4.5

This Ninja squad uses Zed as the main carry, surrounded by other Ninja and Assassins champions. When you see Zed Tinh Anh and his equipment start building this team, if you can’t find it, you can slowly roll Zed to 3 stars at level 7.

This team will ask you to rotate your team well until you get all 4 Rings on the ring. If you don’t have a lot of money, just leave Akali and 1-star Kennen in the queue, then do business before you find Shen and place all 3 on Zed’s side.

Zed Soul Ripper

Total buff: 4 Souls, 3 Butchers, 2 Mysteries, 2 Charisma, 1 Emperor, 1 Ninja, 1 Daredevil

zed dtcl 4.5

This squad still takes Zed as the main carry in the team and is surrounded by the spirit generals supporting attack speed. Along with that is the equipment of the Zeke’s Flag, which is also an attack speed booster for Zed. Start this team if you have items for Zed and find Zed Tinh Anh.

For the 8th champion, add Azir to the team because he simply provides two more soldiers that can be used as bait for the enemy carry and a strong overall. However, you can add any champion as your 8th champion.

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In addition to the two lineups above, Zed also appears in the Butcher 6 formation but Olaf will be the main carry. However, in this lineup, Zed can still be the main damage champion if he has items and gets 3 stars for him.

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