Effective and flexible team rotation tips in DTCL 4.5

Certainly when playing the Arena of Truth, gamers often aim for a specific lineup with the champions and equipment in mind. Then at the end of the game you may not see the champions you are looking for, or you may not get the champions you need.

On the contrary, there are people who start with no specific goals, and then all of a sudden the perfect champions and main carry appear in the lineup.

Cat dtcl team rotation

Choosing the right squad to play in a match is crucial to winning. However, it will be more difficult for you to focus on a certain squad in the DTCL 4.5 match compared to previous seasons.

With the Quintessential feature in the Arena of Truth season 4, players are encouraged to choose whatever they find to maximize their chances of winning.

Below this article are a few tips on how to effectively choose which Tinh Anh champion to play, what equipment is needed for a squad, and how to maintain consistency in any given game.

Equipment and the limiting factors in DTCL

Choosing a lineup can be very simple, but it can also be a tricky way when the first requirement you look for is equipment.

If you’ve ever seen DTCL’s strong rosters on Webmaster, you probably already know how to ask for the right equipment for the main champion.

Find specific equipment

For example, if you want to build Soul butcher Zed or Butcher Ninja, you must know that Zed will need Lien Thanh cannon (Wooden Bow + Wooden Bow). However, you do not always earn a Wooden Bow so you can just build without cannon Lien Thanh, but you will probably find it needed at stage 5 onwards for Zed.

how to rotate team dtcl

And it’s not always possible to “sell blood” to get the first item in the general selection round. It’s important to know which equipment is most essential to the lineup and which items can be swapped out.

how to rotate team dtcl

To be sure, you should make sure to have some essential item equipment for your team in stage 3. For example, if you decide to play Zed carry without Bow for him, Zed will be pretty weak and won’t cause damage. Effective damage in the team.

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So it’s a lot easier to switch to a different lineup now than it is based on a specific lineup.

Flexible equipment

Definitely, when you decide to focus on team building based on the equipment you get. You will find that those component items stay on the inventory for quite some time without being paired. This will reduce the team’s power and will take more time to decide.

Fortunately, in the Truth Arena season 4.5 currently there are some pretty powerful equipment that you can flexibly use in any lineup.

rotate team dtcl

Cloak of Fire One of them, this is a powerful item that can be used in any formation and can greatly increase your chances of winning streaks.

Although this is currently the main item of some of the main generals in the Divine Forest formation. But the reality is that you can throw a lot of champions in different formations. The champions that match this item are Pyke, Jarvan, Rakan, Elise, Garen, Jax the Assassins or even Shen.

rotate the dtcl formation

This is a prime example of how you can flexibly equip your squad without getting you focused on building any lineup. If you can use this item to build a winning streak, turn to a different lineup with more health and gold.

How to use Tinh Anh generals effectively

One of the biggest mistakes many players make when it comes to General Tinh Anh is not getting the most out of them.

Quintessence is one of the quintessence of Riot Games when adding DTCL season 4 this season. Crystal Heroes are very powerful and you can use them to your advantage throughout the game. This is the factor that will help you have a winning streak right from the beginning of the game, below is how you can optimize your Tinh Anh hero.

how to build team dtcl

Choosing Tinh Anh general at the beginning of the game

One of the best ways for you to use Tinh Anh champion is to pick Tinh Anh champion right from the start to go on the floor. You will increase your chances of having a winning streak.

The Tinh Anh champions immediately increased to 2 stars and got a certain stat added such as health, damage, reduced mana when cast … So the difference between team with Tinh Anh and team is not very clear.

meow team dtcl 4.5

If you don’t have a Tinh Anh unit, you can still roll to upgrade your squad. But players with early Tinh Anh champions are on average much stronger than players who don’t.

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For example: If you want to build a team of 6 Gods, if you pick Lulu or Maokai early with the God of the Jungle, then you can obviously reach 6 Gods faster with a strong champion early in the game, right? ? But you will see two cases as follows:

  • First: By choosing a Hero of the Jungle from the very beginning, many people will orient the team from now on to only build Gods. So what if in the middle to the end of the game you can’t find enough Xayah or Aurelion Sol or the other Forest God generals, and the equipment. At this point you will have a hard time even if you have had a strong start with Forest Spirit.
  • Monday: If you can be sure that you have enough champions for your squad then you should leave that Tinh Anh pick at the end of the game. Even if you build a complete team with Lulu or Maokai from the beginning of the game, the team is very strong, but will be stronger if you have Ephemera Xayah or Aurelion Sol.

So how to fix this problem?

rotate team dtcl

Sell ​​General Tinh Anh at the beginning of the game

The answer is do not rush to orient the squad based on the Tinh Anh clan that you took at the beginning of the game, it is easier to understand than not to be “lured”.

It sounds ineffective, but there are quite a few of this season’s best compositions that aren’t based on a particular Tinh Anh clan. Instead, they have a lot of options or sometimes there are no Tinh Anh champions on the floor.

rotate teamMany of you see that General Tinh Anh is strong at the beginning of the game, “hold back” is not like buying.

Let’s take an example of the Warring States squad. Having Warrior Heroes helps you to excel in the mid-game when you have 6 Heroes.

However, a complete lineup may not need to be relied on by acquiring Warring States Star. If you find a Hero Garen at the beginning of the battle. You can still build a roster around him and have a strong lineup to take the winning streak at the beginning of the game.

rotate the dtcl formation

But you can also get up to 6 Warriors without needing the Heroic Hero, you can choose the Guardian Essence Jarvan, or the Pioneering Elite Garen, the Butcher Elite Tryndamere …

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All of the options above are champions that you can use effectively but won’t tie you to a particular lineup. It is easier to sell your chosen Tinh Anh at the beginning of the game and switch to a different lineup if you find the build is not going well, but remember to still have to decide which clan you will follow.

Choosing a more advanced Tinh Anh general

Second, you still choose the Tinh Anh champions at the beginning of the game to have an easier winning streak. For some formations that use a slow roll strategy like Diana, Tristana or Nidalee it’s ideal to have these Crystal Champions. But what the ad is going to talk about below will apply to regular formations.

Tips to play dtcl 4.5

Try to pick up the Tinh Anh champions at the beginning of the game and build the strongest team possible around them. After leveling up 7 or 8, sell your Essence hero to get a higher level Elite hero, for example you will have Olaf Tinh Anh or Kayle Essence and continue to perfect the formation around that hero. .

The reason you’re always on top is because you make quick decisions and adapt quickly to your store. By shaping your team from the start with the Tinh Anh champion you choose at the beginning of the game, you lose your flexibility.

And when you want to shape the lineup from the beginning?

When you try to shape your squad in the first place, your chances of winning are reduced. Regardless of how you know each champion’s equipment, their placement.

While there will be times when you complete your performance, other players just need to try harder. There will be times when you do everything right, but your top position is only in the top 4.

team slowroll

Because, DTCL is a completely random game. Challenge the player to turn this randomness into the best possible outcome. How can you do this? The only way is to be Flexible, and apply all of the tips above to your game.

If you are new, using the tips above won’t be easy. It is even difficult to know that there are so many different compositions you can build, and what is the most effective lineup?

The only way is that the more you build, the more you will know what team needs and what is effective for that roster. How should we build the team at each stage of the match, over and over again …

It is not easy for you to play flexibly in the game and know what you should play. So keep an eye on the DTCL game meta on Webmaster regularly to see which squads should play.

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