Erase Android data, clean the device before selling, giving, giving away

Before selling or giving away the device, users should delete the Android data that they have previously saved to avoid revealing personal information, causing unwanted consequences. In this article, will guide you to clean your Android device before selling, giving, giving away…
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After a period of use, users will have different information and data on the device. Normally you can store them until they are full, but if for some reason you want to give them to your loved ones, give them to friends or even sell them to strangers, we recommend that you delete them. personal data already stored on your Android device.


Regarding data, in the previous article we showed you how to Android data recovery The content below guides how to delete Android data.

delete android data
How to delete Android data before selling, giving, giving away the device

For phones or tablets, instead of manually wiping, you just need to restore the device to factory settings to erase the data on them. As for the memory card, you can remove it or choose Format the memory card.

– From Settings – Setting you select Backup & Reset as shown below to reset the phone.

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delete data on android
Instructions to delete Android data

– Select Restore Factory Settings

happy resetting android

Here you remember to select Delete all by clicking on this item icon until it turns blue. Then select Reset phone.

happy ending

– Enter password

delete android data

– Confirm

happy resetting android

The factory reset process not only helps users erase personal data, but it also helps return the device to its original settings, personalization such as ringtones, configurations, passwords, etc. completely removed.
With a memory card, go to settings, select SD & phone storage, then select Format SD card and wait for the device to proceed with the memory card formatting process. In addition, iPhone users can refer to how erase iPhone data done… remotely. Wishing you success!

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