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If you have used enough software to optimize your computer and still do not improve performance, now you should think about computer hardware upgrade.

Really, the software only helps us to optimize somewhat, but basically it still depends a lot on the configuration of your computer.

If your computer is too old, then upgrading a few things like RAM, hard drive or video card … will be effective immediately.

Of course, upgrade with moderate money, but if you upgrade all, you should buy new for good, maybe even cheaper if you upgrade all the hardware for it.

OK, in this article techtipsnreview will share some basic experiences for upgrading your computer hardware. Applies to both PC and Laptop.


I. Guide to upgrade computer hardware

When it comes to hardware, we are only interested in such important components RAM, Video Card (GPU), Hard Drive (HDD or SSD), Chips (microprocessor). We will look at each device from simple to complex and from cheapest to most expensive ?

#first. Upgrade computer RAM

Ram is an important hardware device and has a lot to do with the performance of your computer.

Its advantage is the cheapest price in the hardware devices mentioned above, moreover, upgrading Ram is also very simple and fast.

Maybe you buy a new Ram for the computer, or install another Ram on the computer.

I have a very detailed Ram upgrade experience for you, if you are looking to upgrade Ram, please refer to that article right away.

#2. Upgrading GPU Graphics Card (Video Card)

Next we will look at the graphics card on the computer. If you bought a laptop from 2014 onwards, the Onboard card is quite enough for general users.

If you often have to work with software such as Photoshop, graphic design, 3D .. or play a great game, you must definitely think about using additional discrete cards to speed up your computer’s processing. .

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So what should we keep in mind before deciding to upgrade the graphics card for the computer?

What to look for when upgrading a Graphics Card?

Not just insert the terrible graphics card into your computer that it will work well, but it also depends a lot on other components that are on your computer.

I say this to make it easy to understand, if you choose the too powerful graphics card, the GPU’s processing speed must be fast, but .. your CPU (not upgraded) will not keep up. the processing speed of the GPU (ie the graphics card) and of course the GPU has to stand still to wait for the CPU to finish its task to continue.

And vice versa, if the video card is too weak, the GPU will not keep up with the speed of the CPU and of course the CPU has to wait and wait => this leads to the phenomenon of “bottleneck”.

On a graphics card, there are 2 most important components that determine its processing speed:

  • Core, also known as the graphics processor, it serves as the CPU on the main computer. Like the human brain.
  • The second component is the Ram integrated on the Graphics Card.


The processing speed of the Graphics card depends on the processing capacity of the Core and the data transfer capacity of RAM. But the processing speed of Ram depends on the type of Ram (GDDR2, GDDR3 and GDDR5) and the bandwidth of the Ram (are the 64-bit, 128-bit or 256-bit indexes on that graphics card).

Transfer speed not only depends on the type of RAM, so not all graphics cards that use GDDR5 RAM also give better speed than the GDDR3 Ram.

Because although the processing speed of the GDDR5 Ram is very fast, but the bandwidth for that graphics card is low, the data access speed cannot be that high.

A comparison like this is easier for you to imagine. We will consider RAM as the type of car you use, then bandwidth is the road for the car.

Using high-speed RAM and running on narrow bandwidth is like carrying a supercar on the village road. And conversely, if you carry slow RAM like GDDR2 running on a card with up to 256 bit bandwidth, it’s no different than carrying a bike to run on the highway.

And one thing that you need to pay attention to is that when you decide to add a separate card for your computer, you need to pay attention to the computer’s source, because the power consumption of the graphics card is very large, much larger than that. with other components on the computer.

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Therefore, if you add a graphics card, your computer is likely to have to upgrade the power, because the power is weak, the computer will not be able to function, or can work, it is also flutter and not good. concentration.

Graphics card buying advice

If you are in need of upgrading to play games or do jobs that require good computer configuration, you should consult.

Currently I see Card Nvidia GTX 960 Being favored by many people because of its reasonable price ($ 184) and good quality already. You can refer to the prices of some of the hottest graphics cards today here.

# 3. Upgrade computer hard drive

The common hard drive that we still use today is the HDD hard drive. If your hard drive is in Full state then one advice for you is to upgrade the hard drive for your computer right away.

An important note is that the hard drive partition that contains your operating system should be about 10GB free for it to operate more smoothly and stably.

When upgrading a hard drive, we need to pay attention chuẩn giao tiếp and tốc độ quay của đĩa cứng (in case of HDD). We’ll take a closer look at these two factors:

3.1. Standard communication Pata and Sata.

  • The PATA standard has a very low data transfer rate (at about 100MB / s) and is only available on super-old machines and now on new computers it is no longer used and instead is standard. SATA.
  • The faster SATA standard is 150MB / s for the SATA I standard and 300MB / s for the SATA II standard, SATA 3 has a speed of 6Gb / s. To check if your computer is using the protocol. Next you can use CrucialScan software To test. You can download it here and see the instructions near the end of the article.

3.2. The rotation speed of the hard disk

There are two popular types of hard drives today: hard drives with speeds of 5400rpm and 7200rpm (rpm = rpm). The faster the spinning speed of the hard disk means that the data access time will also decrease.

3.3. Advisory

Upgrading the hard drive helps the computer improve the speed of data processing a lot, if possible, you should buy a hard drive SSD about 64 GB or 128GB to be the drive for the operating system.

However, the price of an SSD is quite expensive, if you buy a 128GB drive, it falls into about 1 million 500k. I have that intention, but I haven’t done it yet since this batch is too busy but I will definitely do it in a few more days.

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The purchase of an SSD hard drive as the operating system drive will greatly improve your computer because the data retrieval speed of the SSD hard drive is extremely fast. And we still use the old hard drive to store data, which is a way I think is pretty complete ?

# 4. Chip Upgrade (Microprocessor)

The CPU is the central processing unit, it is likened to the human brain. Upgrading a CPU is the last and most arduous decision because it is very complicated and quite expensive.

The upgrade of the chip may not be compatible with the mainboard of the computer and in many cases you have to replace the motherboard, buy more RAM and update to a newer BIOS version before it can work.

Therefore, I recommend that you consider carefully before deciding to upgrade Chip (CPU for the computer).

II. CrucialScan software supports hardware upgrades

After downloading CrucialScan software Then, run to let the program check your computer hardware. Internet connection is required! After running, it will have results like this:



As you can see, it’s very complete, isn’t it? Here we can know:

  • The maximum memory supported by the computer is 8GB of RAM.
  • Slot number, ie RAM slot.
  • Connection standard is SATA 3.
  • The chipset is Intel Series 9.
  • ………………………………….

And better yet, the software will advise you on the hardware compatible with your computer and you can order on it or search with that name to buy in supermarkets or stores that you believe. thought ?

III. Epilogue

So I gave you quite detailed instructions for each step hardware upgrade suitable for computers yours already.

These are the basic elements that you need to understand before deciding to upgrade your computer, although when shopping in stores or supermarkets, they will advise you.

But their job .. they only advise you on expensive products to get sales, if you don’t know anything, they’ll be caught by them ?

Of course you can still use it, but it doesn’t have to be… OK! Above are my experiences with hardware and refer to some documents on the Internet.

Good luck !

Kien Nguyen – techtipsnreview

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