Find out about the very safe place to install the air conditioner heater now

Some the location of the air conditioner heater unit that we want to share below is what you are considering before putting it in the right installation location. Please read immediately the location of the air conditioner heater in our following article shared at the air conditioning consulting page.

1. Choosing the location to install the hot air conditioner is very simple

– When installing the air conditioner heater, you need to pay attention to place it in the locations to avoid direct sunlight and the hot unit. air conditioneravoid antagonizing the wind with other electronic devices and especially for other air conditioner heaters, do not install the heater in a place with strong wind or a lot of dust because doing so your air conditioner heater to stick dirt faster than the period you want to clean.

– The hot unit chooses a position so that the hot unit is lower than the air conditioner, if it is higher, ask the technical staff to design the oil trap for good, the distance does not exceed 8m.

– The distance of the heater not close to the wall is greater than 5cm, the distance between the two sides of the machine is 0.25m for each side. The distance between the wall opposite the heater must be ≥ 60 cm.

– Avoid installing air conditioner heaters under trees because leaves often fall.

What position should the air conditioner heater be installed in?

– The outlet direction of the heater must be free of obstructions in front. If the installation location of the heater has the above two errors, it will greatly affect the cooling capacity and power consumption of the air conditioner.

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– Because the heater has a high capacity compressor and fan, it is easy to make noise and cause vibration. Therefore, you should not choose the position that is in the middle of the wall where the hot unit is mounted. Choose corner positions, wall edges and brackets that must be fixed to the wall firmly.

– In places with a lot of people passing by, do not place the heater.

– Do not place the heater directly on the ground.

– The pipe distance between the hot and cold units from 3m – 7m is the best, the height difference between the two outdoor and cold units should not be more than 8m.

2. How to install the location of the air conditioner heater

When you can choose the location of the air conditioner heater unit suitable, you proceed to install the outdoor unit:

– The outdoor unit position is placed on concrete or a support with a minimum height of 10cm, which is secured by bolts.

– If the outdoor unit is attached to a rack, perform the following steps:

+ Measure the position of the mount, take the mark.

+ Use a drill to drill into the position where you have just taken the mark, close the hatch and then catch the price.

How to install the right place to place the air conditioner heater

+ Put the machine on the rack, use the bolt to fasten the tripod to the bracket.

+ Conduct flare and connect to outdoor unit.

+ Install the drain hose on the bottom of the outdoor unit (for 2-way machines).

3. Mistakes to avoid when choosing the location to install the air conditioner heater

– Do not install the heater in the house: The principle of the heater is to transport the heat from the inside of the room to the outside environment. Therefore, if installed indoors, the air in the room becomes hot, causing the unit to have to work more continuously to air-condition the air, leading to increased electricity costs as well as reduced lifespan of the refrigerator compared to other units. plan.

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Location of hot air conditioner with mistakes to avoid

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– Install the outdoor heater but do not use shielding measures: After the heater is left outside for a while without being covered and preserved, it will lead to internal components being damaged over time. If left for a long time, it will seriously affect the internal components.

– Do not install the air conditioner heater unit higher than the cold unit: If you install it like that, they will cause the gas inside to evaporate, causing the oil to restart and inadvertently cause the risk of backflow. cooler. However, if you want to install the hot unit higher than the cold unit, you need to install an additional oil trap system.

Above is information about the location of the air conditioner heater unit very easy, simple. Hope the above information will be of help to you. Thank you for watching.

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