Fix wrong date and time on Oppo phones

On oppo phones you encounter the wrong date and time, moreover you cannot edit the date and time, so what is the cause and how to fix the date and time error on Oppo phones?
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Not only oppo but many other phones running Android also have this problem, this error is because you are letting the date and time zone automatically update, so sometimes it updates incorrectly, moreover you don’t automatically update the date and time zone. If you can’t adjust the date and time, follow the steps below to fix the wrong date and time on Oppo phones. Readers, please see more articles on how to fix it IMEI lost error on Oppo phones

Fix wrong date and time on Oppo phones

Step 1: You access the Setting

wrong now on Oppo

Step 2: Next you choose the item Date & time in general settings.

wrong time on Oppo phone

Step 3: Here, please remove the check mark in 2 items as Automatic date & time, Automatic time zone.

Step 4: You are then free to reset the date and time correctly.
So above we have shown you how to fix the wrong date and time on Oppo phones, a very simple trick that will be useful to many people, please regularly follow for tips. Another good art about mobile. Oppo users, please read more tips error can’t access Facebook on Oppo

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