Galaxy S5 – Fingerprint sensor settings

Security on personal phones is always a matter of concern for many people. Lock the screen or set a password for some files that are always used by most users. On Samsung Galaxy S5 is no exception. The latest generation of Samsung has raised its security level to 1 level, which is the fingerprint sensor
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The fingerprint sensor of the Galaxy S5 is very convenient for security purposes. Similar to the iPhone 5S, this sensor is integrated into the Home button at the bottom of the screen. It scans your fingerprint and uses that information to unlock your phone, sign in to your Samsung account, or make payments via Paypal. Here’s how to install the fingerprint sensor feature on the Galaxy S5.

first. Go to Settings. You can find the symbol Settings in Menu app or press the gear icon in the status bar.

2. Click Finger Scanner in the section Personalization.

3. Click Fingerprint Manager to register fingerprints

4. Board “Disclaimer” appears, informing the user that for the fingerprint recognition feature to work, the user’s fingerprint information needs to be registered and stored on the device. Once registered, the user can use it. fingerprints for the following purposes: unlocking the phone, confirming Samsung accounts, paying with fingerprints.

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Choose OK to continue

5. Swipe the finger you want to register over the Home button below the screen. You will have to repeat this action eight times until the progress bar runs out.

Once you are done, your fingerprint will be saved to the system, the Galaxy S5 will ask you to press “OK” to choose to enable fingerprint unlock.
Setting up fingerprint security on Samsung Galaxy S5 is not too complicated. You can set up different fingerprints or delete them easily. In case you forget your password or someone installs a fingerprint on your device. You can refer to the article Samsung Galaxy S5 – Factory Reset to return the device to the factory state.

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