Get the earliest Win updates by signing up for Windows Insider

Get the earliest Win updates by signing up for Windows Insider

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Well, as you all know, Windows 10 “hot” days when they continuously provide users with enjoyable experiences with new features. And a question that I get quite a lot in recent days is “how can I experience the earliest versions of Windows 10? “

This question is only for those of you who love to scratch and explore Windows 10, so many of you will not understand the nature of this question. Many people will think right away that, just go to Windows Update to upgrade to it, but nothing difficult is right 😛

But things are not as you think, for the Windows operating system, Microsoft gives us a right that is JOIN AS WINDOWS INTERNAL USERS. That means you will experience the earliest new versions of Windows, much sooner than other general users.

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More specifically for you to imagine it is:

Currently, Windows 10 just released Windows 10 Version 1803 Build 1734.1, right. However, if you have registered as a Windows insider, you can upgrade to Windows 10 Version 1803 Build 17666, but if you are a general user, it will take a few months before you can experience it. test this new version. Saying like that, you all understand better, right 😀

Simple understanding….

Once signed up for a Windows Insider membership, you have accepted as the CLICK of new features for Microsoft, and you have the right to rate, comment, and have to respond directly to Windows engineers if you find out. errors or things you think are unreasonable.

In general, this article is only for those who like the previous experience, have knowledge about computers so that in case of a bad situation they can return to the old version of Windows 😛

=> Not for the weak friends of TIM, please go up and arrest me that I am not responsible. Play, bear, OK!

How do I enroll as a Windows insider?

Very simple, you register for a member of Windows Insider and you will have the opportunity to experience Windows 10 Insider Preview versions through Windows Update.

Now let’s do this ……… ..

+ Step 1: Need to have a Microsoft account, if so, then stop. If you haven’t already, create a Microsoft account first.

+ Step 2: Visit the Windows Insider page here => then proceed to sign in with your Microsoft account.

+ Step 3: Here are some notices about benefits as well as things you may encounter as a member of Windows Insider. You ticked Đồng ý => press GỬI.

Windows-Insider (1)

+ Step 4: You can read through the Windows internal user survey to understand more… .. So you have successfully registered Windows Insider for your Microsoft account.

Windows-Insider (2)

Windows-Insider (3)

+ Step 5: Next, click the button Start => select Settings so that we associate Windows with a Microsoft account.

Windows-Insider (4)

+ Step 6: As you can see in the picture below, I am currently using an account Local Accout. Now I will perform linking Windows with Microsoft account.

Perform: In the Your info section, click on the link Sign in with a Microsoft account instead as shown below.

In this step, if your computer is using a Microsoft account then stop.

Windows-Insider (5)

+ Step 7: A window appears, enter your Microsoft account information to login.

Windows-Insider (6)

+ Step 8: After successful login, if you are using a Local Account and set a password, enter the computer’s current password => and click Next.

Windows-Insider (7)

+ Step 9: You can SET the code PIN for the computer in the next step, if you do not set up a PIN, when you Login to the computer, you will use the password of your Microsoft account.

Windows-Insider (8)

Enter your PIN (top / bottom passwords are the same). Conversely, if you do not want to SET PIN, click on Cancel.

Windows-Insider (9)

You choose I'll set up a PIN later as shown below for later setting or skipping.

Windows-Insider-Windows-Insider (10)

+ Step 10: And here are the results. Computer linked with Microsoft account then.

Windows-Insider-Windows-Insider (11)

+ Step 11: Now to update Windows to the latest version, use the version Windows 10 Insider Preview then you do the following:

Implementation: Access to Settings => select Update & Security => select next Get started.

Windows-Insider-Windows-Insider (12)

+ Step 12: Set a few parameters for updated versions of Preview.

1 / What pace do you want to receive preview builds? – How fast would you like to get the Preview updates?

Windows-Insider (13)

2 / Let’s be clear – Let’s be clear

Content: This program isn’t for the faint of heart, and can often lead to bugs and other problems. By signing up for this program, you’re agreeing to let Microsoft install-release software on your PC and collect usage information.

Originally Posted by Google Translate:This program is not for the faint of heart, and can often lead to errors and other problems. By subscribing to this program, you agree to allow the release of Microsoft software to be installed on your PC and to collect usage information.

Windows-Insider-Windows-Insider (14)

3 / One more step to go… —- One more step to go… ..

You can choose Restart Later to restart your computer later.

Windows-Insider (15)

+ Step 13: You can check the information before clicking the Restart now button to restart your computer.

Windows-Insider (16)

After booting up, Windows will update to a new Build.

Windows-Insider (17)

OK, after Restart is done, go back to the section Windows Insider Program => select Skip ahead to the next Windows release as shown below.


+ Step 14: Finally, go to the tab Windows Update to check for update only. As you can see there is a version Windows 10 Insider Preview 1672.1000 Here it is 😛



Yes, so I have just instructed you in great detail how Windows Insider membership registration to become a Windows internal user. With this tutorial you can experience all versions Windows 10 Insider Preview at the earliest through Windows Update already.

Hopefully this article will be useful to you, wish you success!

Kien Nguyen – techtipsnreview

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Source: Get the earliest Win updates by signing up for Windows Insider
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