Get the latest Dinosaur City Code 2022: How to enter the code for beginners

Dinosaur City A familiar name in Roblox, where players will find the most exciting and attractive feelings with the gameplay that brings many new things from this game. Transforming into a mischievous dinosaur, everyone will immerse themselves in their journey and the code code Dinosaur City with many attractive gifts will support you in your adventure.

As a person who is also playing this game, will share how to enter code Dinosaur City Enter the game to immediately receive valuable gifts in the game.

Summary of the latest Dinosaur City code

It can be said that this is a game that has been released for a long time, so when you use the code Dinosaur City then you should choose the latest codes to use for receiving gifts. And remember, each account can only use a unique code.

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Status Code Gift
Expiry date Like60K
Expiry date Like50K Coins and level up
Expiry date U2S 2,000 coins
Expiry date 100KTHX Level up
Expiry date GOLD1000 1,000 coins
Expiry date 50K CZK Level up
Expiry date DINO5 Increase 5 levels (5 levels)

How to enter the code Dinosaur City to receive gifts

For newbies, please refer to the steps enter the code Dinosaur City into the game to receive the reward that shared below.

Step 1: After entering the game Dinosaur City on Rolbox, please click gift wrapping icon.

Step 2: After that, please enter the code Dinosaur City.

Step 3: Press Get to confirm that entering the code into the game is complete.

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Too simple, right? With 3 simple steps, everyone can receive gifts from enter the code Dinosaur City into the game then that’s it. During the process of entering the code, if there is an error, please comment to notify me.

Source: Get the latest Dinosaur City Code 2022: How to enter the code for beginners
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