How long does Free Fire maintain? Why can’t I access Free Fire during maintenance?

Why can’t Free Fire get in? Free Fire players are very confused, why can’t they enter FF? The reasons for this question are many, but sometimes players cannot determine where the error of not being able to enter the game comes from?

Most players think that the Free Fire server is under maintenance and they are accessing the time when the server is under maintenance. Because Free Fire is a game that encounters quite a few system-related errors such as incompatibility, Free Fire network connection error or other configuration errors.

Usually, the maintenance time of Free Fire will be quite long when the maintenance time can be up to 6-7 hours. Usually, the maintenance time will be during the day, so gamers will be interrupted their activities in the game.

FF . maintenance time

Free Fire maintenance

Free Fire maintenance period will be updated on December 1, 2021. You will not be able to enter Free Fire until the maintenance period is over. Maintenance time will be from 11H – 19H10 December 1, 2021.

Why is Free Fire maintenance?

Free Fire maintenance

Like many other games, Free Fire’s servers will also be down to upgrade to new content in the update. Free Fire this time upgraded from Free Fire OB30 to FF OB31. with new content such as SMG MAC-10 gun, Nairi, pet Yeti…

During the maintenance period, of course, gamers cannot access Free Fire. Only after the end of the maintenance period will Free Fire’s servers work again.

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Therefore, players need to be patient before experiencing the latest version in the game. You will not be able to access Free Fire’s servers in any way. During the maintenance period, you can download the update for Free Fire when the publisher makes it available to players by following the instructions below.

How to update Free Fire

Update Free Fire on iOS

Simply go to the App Store, select the avatar icon and there will be a list of available apps that update. If not refreshed, scroll down the list to refresh them and you will get the latest update of that application.

Update Free Fire on Android

On CHPlay, it’s simpler, you just need to go to CHPlay, search for the keyword Free Fire in the app store. Then select the button Update if Free Fire has an update available from the publisher.

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