How to Add a Page Break in Google Docs

The page break feature in Google Docs is the same as the page break feature in Word. When page breaks, you can separate different parts of the text into separate paragraphs, from which we can bookmark pages in Google Docs, similar to page numbering in Word with many different page numbering styles. like parity page numbering in Word. The following article will guide you to page breaks in Google Docs.

Instructions for page breaks in Google Docs

Step 1:

First we will see what page break options are available in Google Docs. You click Insert and then select Break. You will now see there are page break options including:

  • Page Break: Move the text after your cursor to a new page.
  • Section Break (Next Page): Starts a new section on the next page.
  • Section Break (Continuous): Starts a new section on the same (current) page.

Page Break Options in Docs

Step 2:

You choose the type of page break you want and then click on this page break type. Now we will see page break icon with dashed line display.

Page breaks in Docs

Step 3:

If you want remove the blue page break icon then this is Click View, already uncheck Show paragraph breaks is to be.

Hide page breaks in Docs

Step 4:

For remove page breaks in Google Docs, place your cursor in front of the text at the top of the page. Then press Backspace. It will then move the content to the previous page.

For remove item breaks on Google Docs, place the cursor on the line immediately above the section break, and then press Delete.

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Remove section breaks in Docs

To remove a page break in Google Docs on Mac, place the cursor in front of the text at the top of the page, and then press Delete. To remove a section break on Mac, place the cursor at the beginning of the line with the section break and then press Fn + Delete or Control + D.

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