How to add Map Network Drive, FTP drive on Windows 7/8/10

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In the last article, I have shared with you how to connect to LAN, how to share files over LAN in a very detailed and methodical way.

And that is the knowledge that you must know if you are a technician in a company or in an agency. And you must know that knowledge to understand the content of this article, to understand the content that you want to share with you today.

Okay, now I will say this for you to easily imagine. Because I know that when reading the article title, many of you probably still have not figured out what you are instructing you to do, right.

Yes ! when you are done sharing files over LAN, and now, when you want to get data from another computer. Your operation should look like this… .. right!

You go to Network => then find the computer that you need to get data from (in LAN) => then go to the folder containing the data to copy to your computer.

Is there a correct process ?

And this article will help you to create a drive or folder right on your computer, which this drive or folder will link directly to other computer’s folder in LAN.

Or simply understand that the folder / drive on your computer is like a shortcut, but the root directory is located on the computer on the LAN. That’s all, and perhaps looking at the picture below, you will understand more easily.

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And these are the 2 drives that I just created (also known as optical drive mapping). And from now on, you will not lose time to manipulate many steps as before. It is really very useful for office workers who often have to share data with each other.

cach-them-map-network-on-windows (1)

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I. How to add Map Network drive on Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10

This article I made on Windows 7, on Win 8 and 10 you do the same, it makes no difference.

+ Step 1: You open Computer (This PC) opens, you can quickly open it by pressing a key combination Windows + E. Then click on features Map network drive

cach-them-map-network-on-windows (12)

+ Step 2: Okay, here you need to know some information such as the name of the computer you need to enter, and the name of the folder you want to enter (of course, this folder has been shared by you before).

Note: Tell more about the computer name view for you who do not know: To view the computer name, right-click Computer (This PC) => then select Properties => and go to section Full Computer Name Let’s see the name.

Now, in the Folder section, enter the following: \ computer-name-need-enter name-directory-need-to

For example, in the image below, I am accessing a computer named nguyetkt and I want to go to a folder called KIEN KT

cach-them-map-network-on-windows (9)

+ Step 3: After you press the button Finish You will get the result as shown below.

cach-them-map-network-on-windows (10)

In case you want to delete this drive, it’s very simple, right-click and select Disconnect it’s done.

cach-them-map-network-on-windows (11)

II. How to add Network Location in LAN

In general, the way to do it is similar to the way I just instructed above.

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+ Step 1: At the window Computer (This PC) => you right-click Computer/ ThisPC => and select the feature Add a network location.

cach-them-map-network-on-windows (2)

+ Step 2: The next window, click Next to continue.

cach-them-map-network-on-windows (3)

+ Step 3: Select Choose a custom network location => and press Next...

cach-them-map-network-on-windows (4)

+ Step 4: You enter the path, similar to the instructions in Bước 2 (in section I) I just instructed.

cach-them-map-network-on-windows (5)

+ Step 5: You can keep and press Next.

cach-them-map-network-on-windows (6)

And choose Finish to finish.

cach-them-map-network-on-windows (7)

And here are the results that I just created a folder Network Location....

cach-them-map-network-on-windows (8)


Yes, and so I just finished giving you instructions How to add Map Network Drive and add Network Location on Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 operating systems.

Hope you enjoy this article. Good luck !

Kien Nguyen – techtipsnreview

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