How to Backup and Restore Windows / Office license is very good

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Yes, on the blog, I have shared with you a lot of ways to back up Windows and Office licenses. Software also, which by hand old has.

If you have not read the article before, you can read it again at the link below, maybe one day you will need to use it!

Okay, and in this article I will continue to share with you another way to backup Windows and Office licenses, this way is also manual so it will be extremely safe.

This is a small tool sent by Trung friends, I have tested it and found it works quite well so I decided to write and share with you.

Now let’s get started. Let’s go….

#first. How to Backup Windows and Office license?

+ Step 1: Please download the Backup & Restore file here or here !

=> After you download => extract the file => and right click on the file Backup Activation => and select Run as administrator to run as administrator.

Note: You can also view the code by right-clicking on the file => and selecting Edit to see what’s in the code if you like.

backup-and-restore-ban-quyen-windows-office (1)

+ Step 2: At the main interface there are options as follows:

  • BACKUP ACTIVATICON: Copyright backup
  • RESTORE ACTIVATION: Copyright recovery.
  • EXIT AND THANK YOU FOR… ..: Exit the window.
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See, the interface is very simple. Which feature you use, enter the corresponding option only. Here I am wanting to back up the license so I will enter the number 1

backup-and-restore-ban-quyen-windows-office (2)

+ Step 3: An edit window appears, you enter Y to agree.

backup-and-restore-ban-quyen-windows-office (3)

+ Step 4: Very fast file Backup has been exported. The folder is named Backup There you guys, this folder will not have copyrighted Windows and Office (if you have activated the license before).

NotE: Backup folder will always be along with the folder containing Tools Backup Activation.

backup-and-restore-ban-quyen-windows-office (4)

Now you just need to save these 2 files so that when needed, restore the license.

#2. How to recover Windows and Office licenses?

First, open the folder containing the file Backup ra => then run the tool Backup Activation => and enter the number 2 to perform copyright restoration.

backup-and-restore-ban-quyen-windows-office (5)

The recovery process will take a while, you wait until the message like the image below appears OK Please.


# 3. Epilogue

Yes, so I just finished giving you instructions How to Backup and Restore Windows and Office licenses extremely effective and safe offline.

Hopefully this article will be useful to you, wish you success!

Kien Nguyen – techtipsnreview

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