How to broadcast Wifi on iPhone is very simple

Broadcasting Wifi on iPhone is very simple when we just need to set it up right on the iPhone’s interface. Then people around can access the WiFi broadcast from the iPhone easily, in case the WiFi is flickering on the phone or can’t connect to WiFi. Users will not need to add a supporting application like when broadcasting WiFi on a computer to other devices. The following article will guide you how to play WiFi on iPhone.

Instructions for playing WiFi on iPhone

Step 1:

At the interface on the iPhone we open the Control Center interface tap on Mobile Data icon as shown below to switch to enable 3G/4G mode on the device.

Enable data data

Step 2:

Then go to Settings on iPhone and then tap Personal hotspot to proceed with setting up WiFi transmitter.

Personal mobile data

Step 3:

You will now see the option Allow others to connect. You need enable this option up to enable WiFi playback on the device. Below will be fixed password is established, and so can we Change the password by clicking on the item Password this.

WiFi broadcast mode

Step 4:

Now display instructions to connect to WiFi broadcast from iPhone for you to access on computers, laptops and other mobile devices. We just need to detect the WiFi name as the phone number from the WiFi transmitter and the provided password.

Note to you, when the device transmits WiFi, it will use a lot of data data capacity. So you must ensure enough connection capacity. You can refer to some connection data packages below.

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