How to build Nasus DTCL, play Nasus Steam

Nasus is back for this DTCL 4.5 update and prices remain the same as they did in season 2 DTCL – Element Rise. Another thing is that Nasus this time will no longer be the Guardian – Light, but will switch to the “profession” of Vampiric – Holy Spirit.

Vamp is a new DTCL 4.5 family and will include champions like Nasus, Vladimir, Morgana, and Swain, with a supporting clan nature that Heals all allies based on damage inflicted. can be combined with many other new clans such as DTCL, Long Toc DTCL, Legend of DTCL, Butcher DTCL …

Nasus could be a major carry in this team, and how is this Nasus DTCL 4.5 build, which formation is right for the Nasus Vampiric. Take a look at the article content below.

Basic stats and clan, Nasus DTCL skills 4.5

Steaming Blood

Nasus dtcl 4.5

Heals all allies based on damage dealt

  • 2 Steamer: 10% for all champions, 40% for Steamer
  • 4 Steamer: 25% for all champions, 100% for Steamer


Nasus dtcl 4.5

After attacking 6 attacks or health drops below 50%, Divine Heroes will sublimate, reduce damage taken by 45% and deal 45% more true damage for the rest of the round.

  • 2 Holy: 3 seconds
  • 4 Holy: 6 seconds
  • 6 Holy: 9 seconds
  • 8 Holy Spirit: 15 seconds

Nasus DTCL Basics, Skills and Positioning 4.5

len do nasus 4.5

  • Price: 1 gold
  • Blood: 650/1170/2106
  • Mana: 60
  • Armor: 50
  • Magical resistance: 50
  • DPS: 29/53/95
  • Damage: 45/81/146
  • Attack Speed: 0.65
  • Crit rate: 25%
  • Attack range: first
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Old: Nasus buffs an enemy champion with the highest percentage health, dealing 400/600/1000 damage over 5 seconds, and reducing the target’s attack speed by 50%.

Positions for Nasus will be at the fore

Up Nasus DTCL 4.5, Nasus DTCL 4.5

Despite being a tanky champion, Nasus can also do very good damage. Just give him items like Animal Statue Armor, Blood Armor, Cloak, Giant Power, Hextech Gun Sword If he likes to be defensive.

And the equipment like Green Charm, Gauntlet, Witch Hat, Ionic Lightning Crossbow, Wizard’s Hat Throw it at Nasus if he likes to fight.

nasus build map

Build the Nasus Vampiric Squad, the Nasus DTCL 4.5 formation

The Enlightenment

nasus 4.5

This lineup will require you to have Steaming Essence in order to reach 4 Steamer. Nasus would be the ideal champion for this position. However, if you can get up for 3-star Nasus then you may not need Nasus Crystal.

You can choose the Ghost Sword Youumu and give it to Morgana to remove Pyke, then add any champion at level 8.

Steamer Mage

nasus 4.5

The Mage Hat will be essential equipment for Nasus in this formation. If you can grab a Gold Shovel and Tears, think about this team. Prioritize Mage Hats for Nasus, add other Mages like Brand, Twisted Fate, and Lulu to the game and you will increase your chances of having a winning streak at the beginning of the game.

Nasus, despite being a 1-gold champion, has the potential to carry teams, especially in the early game. There are not many early 1 gold champions that can stand late game but Nasus is one of the names that can do this in the upcoming Truth Arena 4.5.

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