How to build Vampiric Enlightenment, play Vampiric Enlightenment DTCL 11.2

DTCL 4.5 update time is coming very close, a lot of new roster has been “released” and gamers will have to learn from the beginning with this new generation, DTCL 4.5. DTCL 4.5 itemization is only changed to Gold Shovel, but there will be a lot of Orrn crafted items, these are called Antiquities.

We will have many new lineups such as DTCL Butcher squad, Dao Phu formation, DTCL Long Toc, DTCL Legend … with completely new gameplay, matchmaking.

Among them, the DTCLs are considered to be able to combine with many different races. Now that we have the combination of the Vampiric and the Executioner, let’s see how the Vampiric Vampiric formation will work.

Build Vampiric Enlightenment, how to play Vampiric Enlightenment DTCL 4.5

Strengths Vampiric Enlightenment DTCL

  • Great damage and constantly coming from Talon
  • Lots of crowd control and negative effects come from Steam Blood champions
  • Heal effect from Vampiric champions
  • Combine many tribes in the match, easy to rotate the team.

Weakness Vampiric Enlightenment DTCL

  • Without equipment for the main champions, the damage will not be strong (especially Talon)
  • Need to balance equipment and use good champions until finding major champions
  • Requires good economy, quick level up and good financial management because the main generals all have high prices
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Equipment for the DTCL Enlightenment Vampiric Squad 4.5

Talon will be the team’s main damage, so make sure to equip Talon first. In addition, you also need to equip in the early game for Nasus to have an early win streak. Besides that is Morgana with negative effects and damage equally.

Priority equipment: Oversized Sticks> Training Gloves> BF Sword> Wooden Bow> Net Armor.

autoclave enlightenment

Early game (Nasus TA, Garen, Pyke, Wukong)

autoclave enlightenment

During the entire 2nd phase of the game, you may not need to roll if you want to roll slowly for Nasus later, especially if you have Nasus Steaming Essence. If you don’t see it, go up and give Nasus 2 stars. Comes with that, make sure you get 3 stars for Nasus in the early to mid game.

Mid-game (Jax, Nasus, Wukong, Irelia, Pyke, Janna)

autoclave enlightenment

At this point it is possible to gather 4 Gods to have a solid resource in the middle of the game. Certainly, if you lose, you will also lose a little health at this stage if you gather all the champions above. Continue to roll slowly for Nasus if you have more than 50 gold, Nasus is 3 stars, you should level 7 slowly to find Morgana, Shen and Talon.

Betrayal (Shen, Nasus, Swain, Irelia, Janna, Talon, Pyke / Katarina, Morgana)

autoclave enlightenment

After level 8, find Swain and perfect your squad. In case you have a Gold Shovel and Training Gloves, you can pair it to get the Ghost Sword Youmuu and toss it to Morgana. Then remove Pyke / Katarina and possibly add any 8th champion to the team at the moment, the most suitable is Yone.

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It can be said that the Enlightenment Vampiric lineup has quite a few champions that cause crowd control and adverse effects for the enemy team, but will slightly lack damage in the early to mid game. However, with the level of resistance at this stage, you can absolutely win if you find the Nasus TA and gear up for Nasus.

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