How to Buy a Processor Cooler

Quick Guide to Buying a Processor Cooler

The various hardware inside your computer generate heat especially when there is extensive processing of programs such as gaming and other multi-media applications. It is important for the heat to be fanned out to maintain an acceptable level of temperature that will not cause overheating of your components. Your central processing unit (CPU) or processor, which is a workhorse, is one of the hardware that should be properly protected from overheating that is why it is important to choose the right cooling device when buying a CPU cooler. There are two types of Cooling , Air and liquid . But Today we are going to have to look at the Air Cooling .

Buying a CPU cooler will need you to consider the following:


1. Heat absorption –

CPU coolers normally consist of the heat sink and the cooling fan. The metals used may be made of aluminum or copper. Copper absorbs heat better than aluminum but aluminum is much lighter and does not tarnish. Either way, whether it is made of copper or aluminum, it is important to check on the performance of a cooling system from reviews.


2. Noise –

There are several models that are good cooling devices for CPU’s but are relatively noisy. If you are buying a CPU cooler, you can choose the model that makes the least noise but has good cooling capacity.


3. Good airflow –

Airflow is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) and it follows that the higher the CFM the better result in air circulation.

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4. Tatic pressure – 

Higher static pressure is means that the fan is more capable of forcing air out through gaps between the heat sink. Static pressure is measured in mm Hg or mm H2O.


Known Brands of CPU Cooler

Zalman CNPS9900LED – this cooling system has already been tested with AMD Phenom running at 3.8GHz and an Intel Quadcore and both processors maintained good temperatures despite optimal use.


Thermaltake Frio – this can support the super processors such as Intel i7 and the AMD Phenom II.


Noctua 6 Dual Heatpipe – also supports the Intel i7 and AMD Phenom II with very good results.


Cooler Master  v8 , v10 – They support AMD Processor as well as Intel processors .


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