How to check iPhone battery, test old iPhone battery quickly and accurately

Checking iPhone and iPad batteries will help you know the battery status of the device, how much the battery has been damaged, should it be replaced to improve the device’s performance. So how to check the battery level of iPhone, iPad? Please refer to this guide.

Not only iPhone but most smartphones after a period of use, you will feel that your device’s battery is getting worse and worse, and the battery life is no longer lasting.

In the following article, the network administrator will show you how to check the “health” status of your iPhone device’s battery to see how much battery life is.

1. Check iPhone battery right on the device

Step 1: Go to the app Setting, scroll down and select the item The battery. Note that this feature only appears from iOS version 11.3 and above.

iPhone Battery

Step 2: In the interface The battery, click Battery status, Maximum capacity of battery (in percent) is your current battery level. When this happens, the following cases will occur:

iPhone Battery

1. Normal performance

100% max capacity and Peak Performance Capacity: “Your battery is being supported with typical peak performance”, then your battery is still normal, not a little bit bottle. If the maximum capacity is lower than 100%, the battery will start to get a little bottle, and if it is too low, the message will appear as in section 5 of this section.

iPhone Battery

2. Performance Management applied

Signs of Performance management has been applied is that you will see the following message: “This iPhone has been unexpectedly powered off because the battery was unable to deliver the required peak power. Performance management have been put in place to help prevent this from happening again. Turn off…”

In this case you can press Turn off… to disable performance management. Note that when you turn this feature off, you will not be allowed to turn it back on. It will only automatically turn on when your device has a sudden power off condition again.

iPhone Battery

3. Battery status not determined

This situation occurs when in line Maximum capacity do not show percentage, enclosed below Peak performance capacity is the message: “This iPhone cannot determine battery health. Apple Authorized Service Providers may service the battery. Learn more about maintenance options…”.

This tells you that the battery is being used improperly or that the battery components are of unknown origin. It’s like the battery you’re replacing is a batch battery.

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iPhone Battery

4. Performance management is off

This message will appear when you turn off the feature Performance management: “This iPhone has been unexpectedly powered off because the battery was unable to deliver the required peak power. You have manually disabled performance management protections”.

As I mentioned in part 2 above, the feature Performance management will only be turned on again when your device suddenly powers off again, then the option Turn off performance management will also appear.

iPhone Battery

5. Signs of poor battery health

If your battery has begun to degrade, a verbose message like the following will appear: “Your battery’s condition has been severely degraded. Apple Authorized Service Providers may be able to replace the battery to restore maximum performance and capacity. Learn more about maintenance options… “

With this condition, you can still use your phone normally, however, when the battery percentage drops low, the operation on the device will be much slower than when the battery has good capacity. This is to reduce the performance of the CPU and some other hardware, making the machine work longer.

iPhone Battery

2. iPhone Battery Checker App

To check what state your iPhone battery is in, you can rely on the support of some 3rd party applications.

Battery Life application is one of the perfect choices for you. Battery Life will show how much battery life is left on your iPhone.

If the battery is no longer good, tap the Menu icon in the top left corner of the application screen, then tap Raw Data to learn more detailed information about the battery.

Click Raw Data to find out more detailed information about the battery

The Raw Data screen will show the current capacity of the battery. In the example below you can see the remaining battery level is 97% (17mAh).

for example

Finally, there is an option to see how long your battery lasts when using 3G, Wifi, LTE, watching videos, …

see battery status

3. Check iPhone battery with software

Using the 3uTools tool

The 3uTools tool is completely free with a lot of useful features including checking iPhone battery. We will connect the iPhone with 3uTools software and then see information about the current battery status, including the number of charges (Change Times) and Battery life (Battery Life). To view details, click Details.

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Battery information

In this interface, users will see more clearly other information about the battery including battery status such as charging time, actual capacity, design capacity, serial problem, production battery, production date, …

Battery details

Using the iBackupBot . tool

To check your iPhone’s charge count, all you need is the iBackupBot app. iBackupBot is available for both Windows and Mac computers. Although the app costs $35, users can try the free version for 7 days.

The next step is to plug your iOS device into the computer via USB tether. Run the application and wait for a while for the application to integrate your device profile. Look to the left pane, at Devices, select your device as shown below.

in the Devices section find your device

At the table displaying your device information, click on the link More Information.

 Click on the link More Information

In the top corner of the More Information window you will see the information you need to search. For check the number of iPhone charges you find the item CycleCount Please.

 Section CycleCount

You can also compare apps to see which ones are consuming the most battery.

4. Use a tool from Apple to check iPhone battery

In addition to the two methods above, you can also apply a test using a diagnostic tool from Apple to see the “health” status of the battery. The downside of this method is that it takes a little longer, specifically, it can be up to 2 days to wait from Apple’s server to respond. But in return, you will get an accurate result about the battery status of the device.

To check, you go to Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & Usage > Auto Send.

Check Battery Status Use diagnostic tools from Apple Choose to send automatically

After about 2 days to check again, please visit Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & Usage > Auto Send > Find the log-aggregated-xxx file. After you have access to that file, please scroll down to see the item and you will see the number appear. As shown in the picture is 1200, that is, my battery can only be fully charged 1200 mAh compared to 1430 mAh as the original battery capacity.

Choose to send automatically After 2 days Apple will send you the data Results after analyzing your battery

5. Some notes when checking iPhone battery

There are some cases when encountering unknown battery condition, which is Maximum capacity does not show percentage and is below the Peak performance capacity display this message iPhone could not determine battery health. Then the user or even the technician concludes that the battery is faulty and needs to be replaced immediately.

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iPhone Battery

However, this error may come from the device’s source, the sign to recognize is when you see the iPhone power off suddenly while in use. And when the power is turned on again, the battery capacity will be very low (usually only a few percent), but when plugged in to charge, the percentage of the battery can be up to 90%. However, the usage time is very short and there may be a sudden and continuous power off phenomenon.

If your phone has the above signs, you should ask a technician to check the power before deciding to replace the battery. And sometimes faulty power can lead to battery failure. At that time, you not only have to repair the power supply, but also have to replace the battery.

When replacing the battery, you should learn carefully about the origin and origin of the battery, warranty policy as well as display battery status from iOS 11.3 poured up. With “jagged” batteries, they will not show the status for you to check.

6. Extend iPhone battery life properly

First you need to understand battery life is the amount of time the device works before it needs to be recharged, and battery life is to determine how long the battery is good until it needs to be replaced. Of course, the battery will degrade over time, but how quickly or slowly it will depend on how you use your device.

The life of a battery depends not only on how long the battery has been used, but also on the chemical “aging” of the battery. In addition, there are many other factors that affect your battery such as how users use the device, charging cycles, care and maintenance of the battery.

iPhone Battery

To prolong battery life and optimize its performance, you only need to charge it to half its capacity before storing it and not using it for a while. In addition, absolutely do not charge or leave iPhone in high temperature environments for a long time.

In addition, tips to help preserve the battery well are turning on airplane mode, turning off location services, removing the case when charging, turning on low power mode, updating to the latest iOS version… How you can preserve and optimize your battery life.

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