How to combine travel photos at famous places

The Covid epidemic has not shown any signs of stopping, and so your plans have not yet been realized, including travel. If you want to visit many places, visit famous places in the world, Statue of Liberty, leaning tower of Pisa, you can refer to the article below. You will pair yourself with famous places in the world to take a selfie for the tourist season through this photo. The following article will guide you how to combine selfies with famous attractions.

Instructions for merging photos into famous places

Step 1:

First of all, visit the link below to access the famous tourist destination photo collage website.

Step 2:

In this website interface we will select the famous place that we want to travel to and then click. We can click the View button to see how that place shows up.

choose place

Step 3:

Next we click button Select image nút to Download profile picture I want to pair it with famous tourist destinations in the world.

It will now display image editing interface with frame size options by moving the blue frame, or rotate the image with the arrow icon. Once we have selected the position to cut, we will press Crop image button.

Download images

Step 4:

After you have selected an image, click Create Photo button to proceed to create a collage of famous places in the world.

Create a photo

As a result, we will see a selfie collage as shown below. The photo will display in the pattern below, your selfie will be enlarged in one corner of the photo. Finally we click Save button to download the image is fine.

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Download collage

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