How to connect two monitors on MacBook, using Mac with multiple monitors

Users can connect one or more external displays to their Mac for even greater productivity. The following article will guide you how to connect two monitors on MacBook or more.

Before adding a monitor to your Macbook, you need to see what type of connection cable you need. You can use MacTracker to view detailed information about the device model in use. With a MacBook or MacBook Pro manufactured after 2015, use a USB-C cable (Thunderbolt 3) for compatibility with VGA, DVI, and HDMI displays. The other side depends on the type of monitor you want to connect. If possible, you should use HDMI or DVI monitors because monitors using the VGA standard are quite outdated already. For MacBooks manufactured before 2015, use a Thunderbolt 1, 2, or Mini DisplayPort cable. These three cables do not have much difference.

connect to two screens on mac

Instructions for connecting two monitors on Macbook

How to connect two monitors on MacBook, using Mac with multiple monitors

The first thing, you will need to set up to be able to use the secondary monitor effectively.

Step 1: Enter System Preferences =>Displays.

connect to two screens on mac

If your Macbook doesn’t accept an additional monitor, make sure you’ve plugged the cable between the two devices tightly. If not, you need to select the signal source on the secondary monitor by going to the Source section and adjusting until there is a signal (just like selecting the input on a TV).

Alternatively, you can hold the Option button and press select Gather Windows let the Macbook receive the secondary display. After the connection is successful, you will see 2 information panels appear, one for the Macbook, one for the additional screen.

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connect to two screens on mac

If you don’t see both panels, the other one is definitely on the secondary monitor. India Gather Windows to display both panels on the current screen.

Step 2: In section display, you can adjust the screen resolution. It is recommended to use the options at the top for the best display.

connect to two screens on mac

Step 3: Next, you will set the location of the secondary monitor and the Macbook display in the Arrangement. This is very important to help determine the path of the mouse pointer between the two screens.

If the secondary display is on the left but in the settings it is on the right, the two edges of the screen will not be seamless. You will have to hover to the right side on the Macbook to go to the left secondary monitor, which is extremely inconvenient. Therefore, you need to drag and drop to determine the correct position of the 2 screens (the bigger icon is the secondary monitor).

You can also choose where to display the Apple menu bar by dragging and dropping the white dash into one of the two screen icons.

connect to two screens on mac

In section Arrangement there will be more options Mirror your displays. When you tick this box, the two screens will display the same content. You choose the general resolution according to the Macbook screen or the secondary monitor. Or for the system to customize the best settings. This mirror feature is very suitable for meetings, presentations… When you’re done, you can switch back to the usual 2-screen mode.

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connect to two screens on mac

Step 4: In the settings of the secondary screen, there will be 2 tabs, Display and Color, In the display, you won’t be able to adjust the brightness of this display as you would with the Macbook display, nor is there an AirPlay option. You can only perform screen rotation.

connect to two screens on mac

In section Coloryou can adjust the parameters to make the colors on the screen more realistic.

connect to two screens on mac

After completing the above steps, you have completed the necessary settings to install an additional screen for your Macbook.

In the above steps, you just need to find the right cable suitable for both the Macbook and the secondary monitor, and you can immediately use 2 monitors on the Macbook. The rest of the steps, macOS is almost pre-installed for you and you just need to tweak a few options to suit you better. Using 2 screens on Macbook is very suitable for jobs such as graphic design, editing … or used for your presentations.

And if you are using the Windows operating system, using ordinary laptops and desktops can connect the laptop to the TV via HDMI, VGA and you won’t even have to use the HDMI port to connect the laptop to the TV. TV if your laptop supports Miracast technology
Currently, to connect a laptop to a TV, users often use the HDMI connection to project the laptop screen on the TV screen. With more advanced devices, people use the DVI port to bring better quality, So what is the difference between HDMi and DVI, please follow the article to distinguish HDMI and DVI to get your answer. .

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