How to create a Guest User for 1 fixed user on Win 10

How to create a Guest User for 1 fixed user on Win 10

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Yes, to activate the Guests Account account Windows 10 operating system is very simple, you just need administrator user rights to activate quickly.

However, to activate and create a Guest User account For a fixed user on Windows 10, not everyone knows. And how to do it is a bit more complicated, if you are interested, you can follow the content below.

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How do I create a Guest User for a user?

+ Step 1: You press the combination Windows + X => then select Computer Management as shown below.

Or you can right click This PC => then select Manage

How-to-user-guests-account (1)

+ Step 2: Then you choose Local User and Groups => then select Users

How-to-user-guests-account (8)

+ Step 3: Next, you choose Action => then select New User... as shown below.

How-to-user-guests-account (2)

+ Step 4: Next you set up as shown below, you do the following:

  • User name: You name the guest User.
  • Description: In the description, you can write as Guests Account
  • Remember to uncheck the Account is Disabled section.

=> Then press Create to create a new account.

How-to-user-guests-account (3)

+ Step 5: Then, right-click on the User account you just created => and select Properties

How-to-user-guests-account (4)

+ Step 6: You switch to the tab Member Of => select Users in section Member of => then press Remove to delete another User account just created from Users group.

How-to-user-guests-account (5)

+ Step 7: Next you press Add... to add a new Group

How-to-user-guests-account (6)

… and at part Enter the object names to select you enter a new Group name and name Guests => then press OK to apply.

How-to-user-guests-account (7)

That’s it then. Now you can press Windows + L to return to the lock screen => then select the guest User account you just created to test.


So I just finished instructing you how to create a Guest User for a user Fixed on Windows 10 operating system okay.

With this way, you can easily manage users using Windows 10 operating system on your computer.

Hope this article will be useful to you, wish you success!

Kien Nguyen – techtipsnreview

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