How to create and extract ghost files with Onekey Ghost is detailed and easy to understand

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In the previous article, I have defined what GHOST is, the use of ghosts and how to create and extract ghost files with Hiren’s Boot rescue tool.

And in this article I will introduce to you a way to create and extract ghost files again how to use Onekey Ghost, with this software you can ghost directly on Windows and with just a few extremely simple steps you can use it right away.

Onekey Ghost Really useful for those of you who know less about the computer, do not need to do as much work as using other rescue tools but its downside is that if your computer has been badly failed to boot into Windows then can not use.

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#first. User guide for Onekey Ghost software

First you need to download Onekey Ghost software first, I will give you two versions, Onekey Ghost 13 and Onekey ghost 14. You can download any version, the interface is the same.

Link download Onekey Ghost 13 / Link backup
Link download Onekey Ghost 14 / Backup link 1 / Backup link 2 / Link backup 3

After downloading, run the Onekey Ghost file to enter the program, you do not need to install anything because this is a Portable program, so after downloading, you can use it without any installation.

Perform: Double-click the * .exe file to run. Or some machines require running as administrator, then right-click and select Run as Adminstrator Please.

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The interface is extremely simple, you just need to care about the following features:

Onkey Ghost software
Onkey Ghost software
  • Restore: Help you extract ghost file to computer.
    Backup: Create ghost file, you can click the button Advanced For more detailed customization, it will have some more functions in the section More, here you can set password for ghost file, compression mode and especially you should choose Highest compression mode so that your ghost file has the smallest size….
    Ghost64: Ghost on Windows (requires file Ghost32.exe).
    Install: Customizable for the way Ghost.

#2. Create Ghost file with Onekey Ghost

onkey ghost 2
Create ghost file with Onekey Ghost

To create a ghost file, follow the steps below:

+ Step 1: Check the box Backup.

+ Step 2: Click on the partition to backup that is the partition containing the operating system, this partition will have a different symbol than other partitions. Here I am the drive C, click drive C

+ Step 3: Continue to click Save To choose where to store the ghost version, choose a drive different from the one that contains the operating system, then enter the name of the ghost.

+ Step 4: You should choose the highest compression mode for the ghost file you create Highest to minimize the capacity.

onkey ghost 4

Other sub items:

If you want to set a password for the Ghost file, check the box Password then type in the password. Or if you want to split the ghost file into multiple files to share, select the box with text No Split, then tap the drop-down arrow and select the amount you want to split.

+ Step 5: Finally you press Yes let the program start the process of creating ghost files

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# 3. How to extract Ghost file with Onekey Ghost

Onkey Ghost
Onkey Ghost

Steps to bug ghost file with Onekey Ghost software are as simple as below:

+ Step 1: Click select Restore.

+ Step 2: Press Open to find the location of your ghost copy.

+ Step 3: Next you choose the partition you want to ghost. You select the partition containing the operating system, as shown above, your operating system is drive C.

+ Step 4: Finally choose Yes To start the ghosting process, a table will appear and warn you will lose all data in the drive, you will ghost. You press Yes to continue.

# 4. Epilogue

That’s it, using this onekey ghost software is quite simple, isn’t it and I’m sure anyone can do it.

But, as I said above, this software only works when you can still access Windows, otherwise, you must go to DOS or Mini Windows to ghost for convenience.

Kien Nguyen – techtipsnreview

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