How to create HDD/SSD BOOT hidden partition with NHV-BOOT

In the previous article, I shared with you how to create a USB BOOT with NHV-BOOT, with that method, you can easily create a great rescue USB.

However, with that approach, it will be more suitable for USB, and if you want to create a HDD BOOT or SSD BOOT, it does not seem reasonable.

Simply because for HDD or SSD or USB with large capacity, in addition to creating a rescue BOOT, we also use it to save data.

It doesn’t seem very good to confuse the data with the rescue boot files, it can still be used, but if you accidentally delete a certain boot file, it won’t be able to rescue when you need to rescue it.

That’s why in this article I will show you how to create a USB BOOT, HDD BOOT or SSD BOOT with a hidden partition, and I will use the NHV BOOT toolkit in this tutorial.

I. What should be prepared?

  1. NHV-BOOT Rescue Kit: Download Here! (In this article, I will use the okay guys). After downloading, please unzip it!
  2. A USB, external HDD, or removable SSD.
  3. Download Rufus software from the homepage here ( or here )

NOTE: This method should be used for large capacity USB drives, such as USB 16GB or more, or HDD, SSD ..

II. Instructions to create SSD BOOT with NHV BOOT

You should turn off your anti-virus software before doing this, because it is possible that the anti-virus software will mistakenly recognize some software as viruses.

Way #1. Create HHD or SSD BOOT with rescue file *.RDR

+ Step 1: You open the Partition Wizard software => then divide a new partition (minimum 3GB) Unallocated).

NOTE: About how to divide the hard drive is too easy, if you do not know, please review this tutorial! Note that creating the boot partition is located first.

And you just let it be Unallocated okay, that is not formatted, guys!

tao-ssd-boot-phan-vung-an (1)

+ Step 2: Now run the Create NHV-BOOT.exe file included in the rescue boot file downloaded in section #1 (in file there you guys).

=> Then you choose the feature Restore from an Image as shown below.

tao-ssd-boot-phan-vung-an (2)

+ Step 3: Next you choose the boot file with the format .rdr => and choose Next to move on to the next step.

tao-ssd-boot-phan-vung-an (3)

Continue to choose Next in the next step…

tao-ssd-boot-phan-vung-an (4)

+ Step 4: Please choose the same as the image below.

tao-ssd-boot-phan-vung-an (5)

Choose Next in the next step..

tao-ssd-boot-phan-vung-an (6)

And press the START button to get started.

tao-ssd-boot-phan-vung-an (7)

+ Step 5: A message like the image below appears, it means that you have successfully created the boot partition.

tao-ssd-boot-phan-vung-an (8)

Method #2. Create HHD or SSD BOOT with rescue file *.ISO

If you have downloaded the rescue file in *.ISO format, you can use RURUS software to create it easily.

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This way, you just create a bootable USB, HDD or SSD as usual, just like in this article: How to create a USB BOOT that supports Gen 11 with NHV-BOOT 2021

Open the Rufus software and set up similar to the image below:
tao-ssd-boot-phan-vung-an (9)

After you have successfully created a boot partition with Rufus, then open the MiniTool Partition Wizard software => then divide another DATA partition (NTFS format) to contain the data.

NOTE: You do it in turn as instructed in section #2 and part #3 (item DRAW) of the article on how to use Partition Wizard is fine, very simple.

tao-ssd-boot-phan-vung-an (10)

III. Epilogue

Yes, that’s it, I’ve finished the tutorial for you how to create USB BOOT, HDD BOOT and SSD BOOT with hidden partition using NHV BOOT rescue kit then ha.

This is a pretty good way that author Nguyen Vuong has shared with the online community, hopefully it will also be useful to you, good luck!

CTV: Thinh Nguyen – techtipsnreview

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