How to create sample letters on the grid in Word, super beautiful

Yes, writing for students is one of those things that takes a lot of time and patience!

Especially in the early stages of 1st and 2nd graders, correct and beautiful writing will help them feel more confident and love learning.

Usually, teachers will have to write sample articles for students themselves, this will take a lot of time and not always the teacher’s samples are standard and beautiful, for many different reasons.

So today I will show you how to Create a notebook page and sample letters in Word to help you – teachers, as well as parents who want to teach their children more, can save more time and effort.

#first. Download and install Primary School Font on your computer

Please visit one of the links below to download the primary school font set first.

Link Mediafire / Link Google Drive / Link Mega

=> After downloading, you proceed to extract the file => after being extracted, there will be fonts as shown below. You press Ctrl + A to select all files => then right click => select Install for all users to make Font settings.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (1)

After the installation is complete, these fonts will appear in Word to assist you in typing sample letters later. Okay, once that’s done, you can move on to part #2.

#2. Create a notebook page in Word (create a grid line)

+ Step 1: You open a new Word file => then adjust the font to HP001 5 hàng => and the font size is 17.5 to match the size of the student’s notebook.

You don’t have to choose HP001 5 hàng okay, because this template is only suitable for students in Grade 1, when they are just learning to write, 5 lines will help to see the text more open, not cramped like 4 rows.

NOTE: If it is difficult to find, move the mouse pointer to the font name and type the name HP001 5 rows give it fast.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (2)

+ Step 2: You go to the tab Insert => choose Symbol => and choose More Symbol.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (3)

+ Step 3: The Symbol panel appears, here you edit the Font chữ Fort HP001 5 hàng and select the box with the blue shaded image as below to make the grid page.

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If it’s hard to find, you can type the code at Character code to be 01EF to find faster => then press the button Insert continuously to create elliptical pages.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (4)

+ Step 4: After Inserting about a row, you can close the Symbol window, copy the line you just Inserted => and Paste (paste) down to the next rows to fill a Word page.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (5)

+ Step 5: When you look at the page you will see the rows are spaced from each other, to align them you need to tab Home => choose Line and Paragraph Spacing => and choose Line Spacing Options.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (6)

A new window will appear, here you give After about and Line spacing Fort Single.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (7)

+ Step 6: The rows have been concatenated.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (8)

+ Step 7: To create a blank page in the margins, go to Tab Insert => choose Shapes => and select Hình vuông.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (9)

Then drag and drop to form a rectangle in the margins of the page.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (10)

+ Step 8: Then you choose Shape Outline => red..

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (11)

Continue to choose Shape Outline => choose Weight => 3 pt to create a border for the cell page.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (12)

+ Step 9: Continue to choose Shape Fill => No Fill to remove the border.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (13)

Step 10: Then, you drag the red frames for it out of the page, leaving only the red border on the right.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (14)

The result will be like this:

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (15)

+ Step 11: You move the mouse pointer over the red border => and right-click it.

Tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (16)

Choose Add Text to add grids to this outline.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (17)

+ Step 12: You go back to the tab Insert => Symbol => More Symbol.

And select the box with the picture below, or any picture as long as you see it suitable and press Insert to insert the box.

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tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (18)

+ Step 13: Then copy a small part and paste it to fill the outer frame of the page.

Note: If the check boxes do not appear, black out the area and adjust the color of the text to black.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (19)

+ Step 14: Because these cells still have a space between rows, you should black out the newly inserted cells => select tab Home => Line and Paragraph Spacing => Line Spacing Options.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (20)

Give After about and Line spacing Fort Single old step above, press OK to save changes.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (21)

+ Step 15: The margin rows are closer together, you zoom in to align the 2 rows equally with the row on the left side of the page and with the row on the page.

Perform: Press Ctrl + ↓ and Ctrl + ↑ Or press Shift + ↓ and Shift + ↑ for the most detailed adjustment.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (23)

+ Step 16: Next, you create the top and bottom page margins.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (22)

But this time it will be different from the last time when we will not create borders for the top and bottom margins. You press Shape Outline => and choose No Outline.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (24)

Make the background frame white to cover the red border on the right by pressing Shape Fill => white color.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (25)

The bottom border does the same.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (26)

#3. Write sample letters in Word

+ Step 1: You go to the tab Insert => choose Shapes => and choose Hình vuông.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (27)

+ Step 2: Drag and drop into the page frame any square, the area in this blue frame will be where you write the sample text on it. Then right click and select Add Text.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (28)

+ Step 3: Adjust the font in the frame to HP001 5 hàng and the font size is 17.5.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (29)

+ Step 4: Write the content you want to enter.

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tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (30)

+ Step 5: You choose tab Formatat section Shape Fill => No Fill and Shape Outline => No Outline make the square around the template text transparent and without borders.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (31)

+ Step 6: If you want a bar and bold stroke, then click on the bold part to type.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (32)

+ Step 7: Align the sample letter so that it fits the box below.

tao-trang-vo-tap-viet-in-word (33)

Note: If you want to create a long article with many rows, do the same, each row you will create a square to make a separate text box, but you can’t type it once and you’re done. Because you won’t be able to align it properly and close the cells in the background.

#4. Epilogue

So I finished the tutorial with you How to create a notebook page? and creating sample lettering on checkered lines for elementary students already in Word. The method is quite lengthy but the result is very beautiful and well worth the effort you put in

If you want to create a model for your child to practice writing, you should print it on A4 paper so that your child won’t hurt his eyes when he watches the computer a lot. Hope you are succesful !

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