How to create word effects on Messenger

Messenger has just updated the feature to create word effects, message effects created by yourself based on the icons available in the application without having to wait for effects like before. Then, the words that have the effect when texting also display the flying effect on the message screen, like the Messenger effects that were available to you before. Messengers will not limit the number of effects created for the message and the type of icon you choose to make the effect. The following article will guide you to create message effects on Messenger.

Instructions for creating Messenger message effects

Note, currently this new feature is gradually updating to Messenger accounts, so if you do not have it, please update the application to the latest version and wait for the next time.

Step 1:

At the messaging interface with someone you click letter i . symbol to switch to the custom interface of the message with this person. Now you will see Word Effect option to press select.

Messenger word effects

Step 2:

Now display the interface so that we can proceed to create effects for the message. You enter a message in the box afterward press the icon to choose the effect specifically for this message.

When done, press send icon to send. We can create as many message effects as we like, then click Done to save and exit this interface.

Create Messenger message effects

Step 3:

Returning to the messaging frame interface, you enter the message that created the previous effect. Immediately an animation will appear on the screen, which is the icon you have selected for this message.

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