How to cut, split PDF files with Foxit Reader for free

Foxit PDF Reader is a PDF reader that allows you to be part of a connected world. Chapters provide authors with document comments, be notified when a new document version is available, discuss interesting topics within the document, or securely open protected documents.

Foxit Reader is the base application in a series of products that include Foxit PDF Creator and Foxit Editor. The app is free to download as a single-user license for Windows devices, and it includes several ConnectedPDF cloud features. Mac users can download Foxit Phantom PDF on a free trial basis, and limited versions of MobilePDF are available for iOS and Android devices.

In today’s article, will help readers learn how to cut and split PDF files with the free Foxit Reader

Crop PDF files to reduce size

When you have to work with large PDF documents, it will be difficult for you in the process of using and editing, especially when sending via email. Besides online PDF file editing services, you can use the quite popular PDF reader software, Foxit Reader, to split PDF files when there is no network. If you want to convert PDF to Word for further editing, you can see: How to convert PDF files to Word simply, without font errors.

Cutting PDF files into small pieces with Foxit Reader, or using an online tool to split PDF files to get only the page you need are the two most popular ways. will share with you how to shred a PDF file into many parts using both tools above. Please refer.

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Download Foxit Reader

The steps to cut and split PDF files will be as follows:

Step 1: Open the PDF file you want to crop (here we illustrate with a 6-page document)

Open the PDF file you want to crop

Step 2: Please press Ctrl+P to open the dialog box Print. Then follow the instructions below

  • Item Name: Choose Foxit Reader PDF Printer
  • Item Page: Here, if you want to cut from page 1 to page 3, please fill in 1-3. And if you just want to cut page 1 and page 3, enter it as 1.3. And if you fill in 1-3, 6, you will get from page 1 to page 3 and add page 6.

Then press OK to execute the command.

Set parameters in the Print dialog box

Step 3: Select the location to save the cut file

Choose the location to save the cut file

Step 4: The file cutting process will take place

The process of cutting PDF files is in progress

Step 5: Open the cropped PDF file to try it out

Open the cropped PDF file to check

Only through 4 simple steps, you have successfully cut PDF files with Foxit Reader software. Simple, isn’t it?

Cut PDF files into individual pages

Some of you have the need to cut each page of a PDF file into a separate PDF file, I have not figured out what to do with such a cut, but you can also do this with Foxit Reader.

First, we open the PDF file to be cut with Foxit Reader software on the computer. The PDF file below has all 5 pages, we will cut each page into individual PDF files.

PDF files

Then press Ctrl + P key combination to open the Print interface. In the Print Range section, we proceed to select the PDF page to cut. Section Pages you enter the number 1 and then click OK below to cut page number 1.

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Enter the page to be cropped

Display the folder interface on the computer for us to choose choose where to save the new PDF file. Click Save to save as a new PDF file.

Choose where to save the folder

As a result, we get the extracted PDF file from the first page of the original PDF file.

Separate PDF files

We continue to do the above with the remaining pages of the PDF file, to get the individual PDF file cut from each page of the original PDF file. Every 1 page you have to give a new name because Foxit Reader automatically names the same as the original PDF file.

Crop more PDF pages

In addition, I found a tool to cut PDF into pages very quickly, which is smallpdf, which does it in the browser. You access the website to cut PDF files:

Drag the PDF file into the “Drop files here” or click Select filebrowse to the file to be cut on your computer and upload.

Wait a moment to finish downloading the file, then select Extract odd pages into separate PDF files then tap Option.

Choose to cut PDF files into pages

Wait a moment for the cutting process to complete, you can download all the pages in a .zip file or download them one by one by clicking the corresponding download arrow on the page.

Download the PDF file after cutting to your computer

You try to watch it.

Foxit Reader has long been considered the best PDF software solution on the market for personal and business use. Also known as ConnectedPDF, the modern version of Foxit PDF reader is a comprehensive application that provides easy document access, integration, file request handling, document review and annotation, signing, name and ability to encrypt sensitive PDF documents, in addition to the ability to split and split files as the article presented above!

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Good luck!

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