How to delete blank pages in stubborn Word quickly

Sometimes for many objective and subjective reasons that appear white pages between documents make us very uncomfortable. The following article will show you how to delete blank pages in Word in the simplest and fastest way.

4 basic and simplest ways to delete blank pages in Word

1. Delete a blank page in Word with the Backspace key

Go to the unwanted blank page in your Word document, click as close to the bottom of the page as you can and press Backspace until you delete the blank page you want.

2. Remove blank pages in Word with Navigation

Click the tab “View” and tick the box Navigation Pane in section “Show”. Tab Navigation Pane will appear from the left, click Pages and select the white page thumbnail. Then press the . key Delete to remove that unwanted blank page.



3. Remove blank pages in Word with Page Setup

If that doesn’t work either, check your Sections again: Click tab “Layout” and select item Margins the leftmost side of the tab “Layout”and select Custom Margins… below the drop-down menu. Next, select the tab Layout. In the Section start drop-down menu, then select “New page” in the drop-down menu. Press OK.

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4. Delete blank pages in Word with Paragraph button

If the above methods still do not remove the blank page, try turning on the button Paragraph on toolbar to see the position of all line breaks in your Word document. Here’s how: On the right side of the Home tab, just click ¶ button or use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + 8



Step 1:

Look up the toolbar you will see Paragraph iconwe will use this tool to mark all blank pages in Word.

Select the P icon to mark the blank page

Step 2:

Black out all white pages appear by the Paragraph and press Delete to delete the blank page in Word.

Highlight all white pages appearing by Paragraphs and press Delete to delete blank pages in Word.

Step 3:

After the deletion is complete, you will see that the blank pages have been completely deleted.

  After deleting, you will see that the blank pages have been completely removed.

Step 4:

Remove Paragraph out so that the text returns to normal after deleting the blank page in Word 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007

Select the P icon to return the text to normal

Deleting blank pages in stubborn Word cannot be deleted by the above 4 ways

Next Page, Odd Page, and Even Page can create a new page in Word. If your blank page appears at the end of the document and you have a section break there, you can place the cursor directly before the section break and press Delete to delete that blank page. .

(If you’re having trouble seeing your section breaks, try going to View tab and switch to Draft . This way you’ll have a clear picture of where the page breaks are, as they’ll be represented by a row of dots.)

Important Note : If a section break creates a blank page in the middle of the document, removing the section break may result in formatting errors. If you don’t want to change the following page format to another format, keep the section breaks. However, you can change a section break to a Continuous section break, this way it won’t change the formats without a blank page being inserted.

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To change a section break to a continuous section break:

  1. Place the cursor after the section break you want to change
  2. Go to tab Layout
  3. Click on the dialog launcher Page Setup
  4. On the tab Layout of the Page Setup dialog box, click menu Section start drop down and select Continuous. .


That will remove your blank page without affecting your formatting.

The above are easy ways to delete blank pages in Word. Thank you for following the article, hopefully some of the above steps have helped you to remove unwanted white pages in your Word documents. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions about the article so that GhienCongList can help you.


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