How to delete messages on Instagram

Deleting a message on Instagram will have the option to delete a separate message, or delete the entire chat on Instagram messages. This feature is similar to deleting Messenger messages, deleting Instagram messages on computers and phones. Instagram messages that the other party has read can also be deleted, or unread messages can also be recovered. The following article will guide you how to delete messages on Instagram.

How to delete messages on Instagram phone

Step 1:

You click Instagram message icon to access Instagram messaging conversations.

Instagram message icon

Step 2:

At the interface of all conversations, click on the conversation you want to delete the message. Next in the interface of your messages long press on the message you want to delete.

Now at the bottom of the screen, there are 3 options, we will click on Option Withdraw.

Step 3:

Now display the interface asking if you want to withdraw the message, we click on the word Withdraw to agree to receive messages. The message will then be deleted from the Instagram conversation.

Step 4:

In case you want delete all messages of that conversation, you return to the interface Chat on Instagram. Later long press on conversation with Instagram Android, swipe from right to left. Later select Delete. Finally, you agree to delete this chat permanently on Instagram.

Instructions to delete Instagram PC messages

Step 1:

At the interface on your computer Instagram, click message icon to access.

Instagram PC Messages

Step 2:

Display the message interface on Instagram. Tap the conversation for which you want to delete individual messages. At the message you want to delete, press 3 dots icon already select Unsend to delete.

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Delete Instagram PC messages

Step 3:

Final press Unsend to agree to delete this message on Instagram.

Delete Instagram PC messages

Step 4:

In case you want delete all Instagram conversations then at this conversation interface you click i . symbol.

Instagram PC conversation options

Step 5:

Display the interface as shown, we press Delete Chat to delete this conversation.

Delete Instagram PC conversations

So users can choose to delete individual messages on Instagram or delete the entire message conversation on Instagram for both computers and phones.

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