How to delete old Story on Facebook

Facebook Stories are saved by default in the story archive so that we can find them again whenever we need them, or even delete old stories posted on Facebook when users use the Story storage feature on Facebook. You can then manage all the old Stories posted and delete the Story videos you don’t want to keep. The following article will guide you how to delete old Stories on Facebook.

Instructions to delete old Stories on Facebook phones

Step 1:

At the interface on your Facebook profile we click 3 dots icon as shown below. Then switch to the new interface, click next item Archive.

Step 2:

Next, the user chooses to continue in the section News archive to view the Facebook Stories so far. We will then see all Facebook Stories that you have ever posted to Facebook and saved. Here click on the Story that the user wants to delete and then click on 3 dots icon.

Step 3:

Next you press Select Delete this message then select Delete to delete the message.

Instructions to delete old Stories on Facebook PC

Step 1:

At the interface of the profile page on Facebook, click item Archive News. If you don’t see this item, click See more to find it.

Facebook PC News Archive

Step 2:

Now you also see all the Stories posted to Facebook. Click on the old Story you want to delete and then select the 3 dots icon, select Delete video.

Select the video to delete

Step 3:

Finally, you agree to delete to delete the photo or video from the Story storage on Facebook.

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Agree to delete the message

Video tutorial to delete Facebook Story

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