3 Ways How to Delete PDF Files From Android Phone

Do you need to quickly remove pages from your PDF file or delete the entire PDF document? Want to know how to delete PDF files from Android phone and free up some space? Removing these files can be simply performed manually and using some apps.

In this post, we will guide you through numerous ways to delete PDF files from an Android device from anywhere. But, before we proceed with the best methods, let’s gather the basic knowledge of PDF files and why to delete them.

How Important Are PDF Files?

PDF or Portable Document Format is the common file format of choice for many professionals and businesses. This file format has the ability to keep the content and layout of the document the same across various devices.

Android devices such as tablets or mobile phones allow you to view PDFs anytime and anywhere. Users even prefer converting their official Word and Excel files to PDF to secure data and prevent them from unauthorized access.

If you, too, want to convert file formats and are wondering how to export from Excel to PDF, a number of built-in and online tools can help.

Why Do You Need to Remove PDF From Android?

There is a constant flow of projects in the business world. Even a single project also undergoes several changes. Before presenting any project-associated information via PDF, the information needs to be updated.

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When you’re away from your desk and need to present only certain pages of your PDF, you can delete unwanted ones. Removing unwanted files helps in freeing up valuable space on the device. It also reduces clutter and improves content readability.

Remove Downloaded PDFs From Android Phones

When you have to delete a specific PDF file completely rather than a single page, you can do that manually. To avoid PDF files from consuming space on your phone, you can use the Files application or another similar app.

If you’re using the Files application, then simply launch this app. Next, find the required downloaded PDF file from your Android phone. Click on the selected file. At last, click Delete or hit More and then the Delete button.

Delete PDF Pages via Google PDF Viewer

Google PDF Viewer is the default app on Android devices. You can use it when you can’t understand how to delete PDF files from Android phone. It deletes individual pages from PDF files or documents. Click three-dot on the top-right corner while accessing the file.

Now choose the Print option. Under the PDF document page, you wish to remove and untick the boxes. Next, set your printer to the ‘Save as PDF’ option and then click on the Save icon to save the outcome.

Find and Delete PDF Files From the Android

Finding PDFs and other files is not that challenging on Android devices. You can easily locate them in the File Manager application. Find downloaded files in your File Manager app. Tap three horizontal lines to locate other files. Click the required file to access it.

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Once you find the file, click on Delete. If the Delete icon is not there, click More and then Delete. These steps will help in Android 10 or the latest versions. Unable to find the required files in the Files app? Possibly your device manufacturer may be using another app.

How to Retrieve Deleted PDF Files in Android?


If you accidentally delete any PDF file and want to undo the changes, you need to restore that file. In your mobile Android, you can simply do that if you regularly back up your data. Google Drive will allow recovering deleted files using cloud storage.

On your Android mobile phone, click Google Drive. Log in with the same ID you are using for backup. After logging in, you can view all backed-up files. Download the required file from Google Drive to restore that.

Retrieve Removed PDF From Google Drive Trash

Another way to restore deleted PDF files is using Google Drive Trash. This method will work only if you back up data using Google Drive. To start the recovery process, open your Google Drive.

Find a Menu option or three horizontal sleeping lines. Click on these lines to get multiple options. Choose the Trash option. Find the PDF document you want to recover and tap three buttons close to it. Now, click on the Restore button to re-access the deleted document.

The Conclusion

So, as you read in this post, deleting individual pages from a PDF or the entire file is not that difficult. Hence, if you have downloaded any PDF file with filler content or blank pages, you can easily delete it.

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The methods discussed above are highly convenient in getting rid of pages from PDF files on any Android device. The deleted files will remain in the Trash or Bin for a month (30 days). You can see them within 30 days until you get rid of them permanently.

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