How to delete Windows.old folder on Windows 7/8/10 ..

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In the process of upgrading Windows to a new version, install Windows directly from the hard drive or reinstall Windows but do not Format the system drive, the default in the partition containing the old operating system (usually drive C) will appear. add a new folder named Windows.old.

So what is this directory created for, does it matter? You will know the answer right in this article:

I. Should I delete the Windows.old folder?

A question I believe for sure is a lot of you ask, the Windows.old folder contains Backup data of the previous operating system.

If you have decided to upgrade to a new Windows and have no intention of going back to the previous operating system anymore, you should delete this folder because the capacity is quite heavy (~ 10GB).

In the opposite case, if you still do not want to upgrade to use the new operating system, you can keep the folder. Windows.old copy it or copy it to another drive so when you want to go back to the old operating system you have something to restore.

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II. How to delete the Windows.old folder and junk files

To delete the Windows.old folder, you can’t do it with the usual methods, so it is difficult for many people.

Therefore, in this article, techtipsnreview will guide you how to delete the Windows.old Folder quickly and simply. I will guide you two ways to delete it:

Delete the Windows.old folder

#first. Use the Disk Cleanup tool

+ Option 1: Open the Run dialog box (Windows + R) => then enter the command cleanmgr => press Enter to do => Window Disk Cleanup appears, you select the drive C (operating system drive) => then press OK to agree.

+ Method 2: In my opinion, this is the simplest way because it is very easy to do and does not have to remember the long lines: D. To do this, you do the following:

First you enter My Computer => right-click on the drive containing the operating system => select Properties


Next you click on the option Disk Cleanup .


Next you choose Clean up System file to enter and delete the backup file of the old version.


OK! Now we have seen two very large files:

  • Previous Windows installation (s): The backup copy of the old Windows system.
  • Temporary Windows installation files

You tick the 2 options and press OK to begin deleting.


A warning dialog box appears, sort of sure you want to delete the old operating system backup. You just press Yes to agree.


And the deletion process is in progress, you just have to wait or do something else for the program to finish its work. Very simple like that only.

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#2. Use the command in cmd to delete the Windows.old folder

Press the button Start then type the command cmd go to search box => and run cmd.exe under administrator (Run as adminstrator).

If you are using Windows 8 or later, you can press the key combination Windows + X => and select Command Prompt (admin)



Window Adminstrator: Command Prompt appears => enter the command below into => and press Enter to perform:

RD / S / Q% SystemDrive% windows.old

OK. Wait for the program to finish working and you can go back to the drive with the Windows.old folder in it

III. Epilogue

Above are 2 ways delete the Windows.old folder The simplest and fastest, if you have any more optimal method, then comment to share for everyone to use. Hopefully this article will be useful for you!

Kien Nguyen – techtipsnreview

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