How To Detect Virus/Hacking File

As I am getting many request from people about the topic “How to detect virus/key logging file/RAT file (Hacking File) in your computer if antivirus can not “ , So the I am going to provide few solutions for this problem ,


Check Task Manager

This is the most efficient way to detect the virus and disable its process easily .So If you have a bad kind of feeling that there is a virus or hacking file running at the background of the computer without your permission Simply ,

  1. Go to Task Manager by Pressing CTRL + ALT + DELETE .
  2. Click On Processes Tab . All Processes running current now will be shown .
  3. Now in the processes list , check for the name which may be suspicious or the name of the process which has nothing to do with any program or operating system . Remember the process can of system as well as user name .
  4. In my case I see a process named as “crypserver.exe” , it is suspicious file and it has nothing to do with any of my program so Click on the file name .
  5. Click on End Process .Then Click on Yes , The virus processing will be terminated


Check Folders  and Files

Another way of detecting viruses in computer is checking your drives folder and files , if there is a list of multiple empty new folders then the virus lives in your computer . But Wait , one step more . After checking the empty folders  , just see the at the bottom left of the status bar , if it says 1 hidden file . Then be ready to scan that folder with powerful and working antivirus , because that hidden file is the virus clone


Computer Performance

Last but not least , the final way to check the virus or any of file regarding hacking is the checking the computer performance , So according to my experience these might be the problems you may get if virus infects your computer ,

  1. Unusual Processes running in your computer to consume your RAM for no use
  2. Your Windows may boot slow rather than normal time .
  3. Your Folders and files may not open with recommend programs ,( This Problem Is Discussed In Solution Page )
  4. You will have strange and weird pop ups of internet browsing , redirecting you to vulgar and strange websites .

If you can find viruses from these method than just use antivirus to scan a particular folder and remove that virus , but if possible remove that virus manually .

About removing virus manually , I will post a trick in the Tricks & Tips Section on how to remove virus using CMD . Stay tune .

Cheers ,



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