How to download blur filter on Instagram

The black and white blur effect on Instagram will change your image or video by turning it to black and white, with the addition of image blur mode. This is a very simple Instagram effect, completely different from the sticker effects on Instagram or the color filter effects on Instagram. If you like simple effects to record videos or take photos on Story, you can use the blur black and white filter on Instagram in the following article of

Instructions to download blur filter on Instagram

Step 1:

At the interface on Instagram you click personal profile picture to switch to the Story recording interface. Now you look down at the effect below and drag to the right to click magnifying glass icon to search for the desired effect.

Step 2:

Now display the interface of the effect repository on Instagram. Here we will enter keyword black&white to search for black and white blur effect on Instagram. Then you will click on the first black&white&blur effect to use.

Looking for effects

Step 3:

Now you will see how the effect is displayed when we take photos or record videos Instagram Story. To use this effect we click on download icon to download effects to your Instagram effects album. Then you return to the Story interface and will see the newly downloaded filter click on this effect to use video recording as usual.

Step 4:

After recording the image or video, you can insert other content such as audio, text and then upload it to your Instagram account.

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