How to download glitter cat ear filter on Instagram

The new Instagram has a sparkling cat ear filter for you to download to record videos or take photos to post on Instagram. Accordingly, this filter will create a sparkling mask for the face with a cat ear sticker with a cat eye effect for different colors. Thus, instead of just having a sparkling face effect, now you can choose to add a cat ear sticker which is also quite interesting. We can change the eye color with different colors. The following article will guide you how to download cat ears effect on Instagram.

Instructions to download Instagram cat ear filter

Step 1:

At the interface on Instagram, click the plus icon to open the video recording interface on Story. Below the effect you drag to the right magnifying glass icon.

Step 2:

Switching to the effect store interface on Instagram, we enter keyword cat then click on the first effect as shown below.

Now you will see how the cat ear effect will apply to our face, press save icon to download this filter to your Instagram account

Step 3:

Returning to the interface on Story, we will immediately see the cat ear effect you just downloaded. Click to use this effect. During the shooting or video recording process, you can choose eye color with different colors, or click the red circle X to cancel the eye color.

After you have selected the effect you like, you can record a video or take a photo as usual. Finally, add sound, sticker or other content to the photo and then post it on your personal Instagram.

Video tutorial to download Instagram cat ear filter

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