How to download selfie filters with idols on Instagram

If you are a Kpop fan, it is impossible to ignore the selfie filter with idols on Instagram that accounts will pass each other to take pictures with their favorite artists and actors. Accordingly, the Instagram effect has prepared a number of famous Korean idols, including actors or artists, singers from famous groups such as EXO, BTS, and Blackpink. And all you need to do is choose a filter with your favorite artist and then download that effect to the Instagram filter collection. The following article will guide you how to download photo effects with Instagram idols.

Guide to download photo filters with Instagram idols

Step 1:

At the interface on Instagram you click on the avatar to proceed Instagram Story recording. Then you look down to see the effects, scroll down to the last and then click Magnifying glass icon.

Step 2:

Display the effects album interface on Instagram, ours enter the keyword selfie with then click on the magnifying glass icon to search for the effect.

Step 3:

As a result, we will see many selfie effects with many other Kpop idols and artists. You tap on the effect you want to use and you can tap Try it out to check the display effect. Press download icon to download the effect to your Instagram filter album.

Download the effect

Step 4:

Return to the Instagram Story video recording interface and you’ll see the new effect you downloaded. We just need to click on the effect to use it and start recording the video. Once we have recorded a selfie video with the idol, we add sound, sticker, and text to the video and post it on Instagram.

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Finally, you can post the video to your personal Instagram account.

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