How to download YouTube videos to iPhone

To download YouTube videos on Android, or download videos on iPhone is no longer too complicated as before. There are many applications that support downloading videos on your phone, with a simple and fast way as when downloading YouTube videos to your computer.

With the iPhone we have many applications such as FoxFM, Browser and Documents Manager, … without watching YouTube videos offline on the phone. Especially with the newly upgraded iOS 12, you can immediately use the Siri Shortcuts app. This is an application that creates many actions on the iPhone, such as turning off WiFi completely on the Home screen, downloading files of various formats to iPhone. The following article will guide you to read how to use Siri Shortcuts to download YouTube videos on iOS 12 and the application to download YouTube videos from iOS 12 and below.

1. Download YouTube videos online

Download YouTube video on

The yt1s website supports you to download YouTube videos on your iPhone completely free. Especially when you download videos on yt1s, there will be no pop-up ads showing up interrupting the video download process.

First of all, visit the link below to go to the yt1s website on your iPhone. Note we must Open with Safari browser.

In the look and feel of your website Paste the video URL into the white frame then press Convert button to perform video download on yt1s.

Download video on

As a result you will see the YouTube video with choose the quality of the video you want to download. In addition, the site also supports downloading mp3 videos to YouTube with 128kbps quality. We press Get link button to download video.

Finally you press Download button and agree to download the video to your phone.

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Agree to download video

After the download is complete, you look up blue arrow icon in the top right corner. Clicking on it will see the downloaded YouTube video. Click Magnifying glass icon to access the video storage in the Files iPhone app.

Download YouTube videos on

To download videos on you also need access from the Safari browser under the link below.

Then we also paste the YouTube video URL want to download and the site will automatically start linking to display the video.

Download videos on y2mate

You scroll down and then click Down arrow icon to expand the list of download formats and YouTube video download quality Includes 320 kbps high quality music downloads. After selecting, press Download button. You then agree to allow video downloads as well.

The resulting video is also loaded and saved in the Files file manager app on the iPhone.

2. Download YouTube videos on iPhone using PlayerXtreme Media Player

To download YouTube videos to iPhone, we can use the PlayerXtreme Media Player application with many different useful features.

This application can manage media files on the device, including audio, video and images. You can download videos on YouTube, or download audio files from Zing MP3, Nhaccuatui easily. And then can watch videos even when the device has no WiFi connection. Besides, PlayerXtreme Media Player also supports us in transferring video or audio from computer to iPhone, through IP address for you to access.

Step 1:

We download the application from the link above and then start it up. At the first interface, the application will ask if you want to receive notifications or not. Next, in the main interface of the application click Network tab under.

Step 2:

To the new interface, click on the item From the internet (YouTube, …). Interface appears enter the website address to download video or mp3. If you want to download YouTube videos, you can directly click on the icon on this interface.

Step 3:

In the interface, click YouTube Magnifying glass icon to search for the video you want to download. Next when in the video playback interface, click Grab icon in the lower right corner of the interface as shown. Appears a submenu to choose to play videos on PlayerXtreme’s video player or download videos to the device.

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Depending on the video you want to download, we will have more choices of video resolution or format. To download the video press the Download button.

Step 4:

Soon you will see Library section notice the number of new files to download. Click to open and see the video download progress in the application.

When this process is complete, users just need to click on the video, and then click on Play button blue for offline viewing without Internet connection.

Step 5:

To download songs on Zing MP3 or Nhaccuatui, enter the website address in the top bar and search for the song you want to download. For example, I will download songs on Nhaccuatui.

In the song playback interface also press Grab icon below to download. Appearance submenu, press Download to download mp3 files to your device.

Step 6:

right away Library section will also notify the user. Wait for the song to download successfully and just open it up to listen to it.

Above are detailed directions on how to use PlayerXtreme to download YouTube videos, audio to iPhone. In addition, the app can also quickly transfer files from PC to iPhone. You can watch videos, listen to music even when offline. With the premium Pro version, we will be using Chromecast support to show content on a regular screen, or Airplay, take video, crop video, …

3. How to download YouTube videos to the iPhone camera roll

Unfortunately, the iPhone apps that let you download YouTube videos directly didn’t last long. But this problem is quite easy to deal with with a small workaround.

First, install the Documents by Readdle app. It is a file manager with built-in web browser, which makes it easy to download and transfer YouTube videos.

Next, browse to the YouTube video you want to download. You can use the official YouTube app to do this, open the video, tap Share, then select Copy link.

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Once there is the link, go back to the app Documents. Click the icon in the lower right corner to open the integrated browser. Browse to a website where YouTube videos can be downloaded, such as BitDownloader.

3.1. Save YouTube videos to iPhone

Press and hold inside the field Enter the video link and choose Paste to add a link to a YouTube video. Then click the button Download.

After a few moments, the website will generate download links for the video. Scroll down until you see the title Download Video with Sound. Press the button Download next to the quality you want to save.

Next, you will see a prompt to save the file. If you like, change it Name into something shorter or more descriptive. Default save location Downloads no matter what; press Done to save. You can uncheck the slider if you want to save future downloads in the same folder every time.

While waiting, touch the button Downloads on the bottom toolbar to check its progress.

3.2. Move the video to the camera roll

From here, you just need to move the video into the folder Camera Roll (camera roll). Click on the icon Folder in the lower left corner of the app to leave the web browser and return to the file manager.

Next, open the folder Downloads. Click the icon Ellipsis below the file you just downloaded, then select Move. On page Move toYou will see the folder Photos in My Files. Click Photos to test, then press the button Move in the top right.

You are done! Now, just open the app Photos on your phone you’ll see your new video. It will appear alongside your most recent photos. You will also find it on the tab Album if you scroll down Videos under the title Media Types.

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Wish you all success!

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