How to enable dark mode in Microsoft Office on Android

Dark mode is becoming one of the indispensable features on any application platform. With dark mode in Microsoft Office on Android, you can make your entire experience of interacting with documents, spreadsheets, and presentations more novel and eye-friendly. Learn how to set it up right here.

Enable dark mode in Microsoft Office Android

In the Microsoft Office app for Android, you’ll find 3 basic interface options: Dark mode, light mode, and system default skin. If you choose the system default option, Microsoft Office will automatically use the current Android theme as its theme, thereby providing interface synchronization with the operating system.

In case you want to enable dark mode in Office on Android, first launch the app. On the interface that opens, in the top left corner, tap the user icon.

Tap the user icon

The user account setup screen opens. Here, in the “More“, Please choose “Settings“. This will open Office’s settings menu.

Open “Settings”

In the “Settings” menu, you scroll down to the “Display Preferences” and click on “Theme“.

Click on “Themes”

You will now see different interface options for Office. To apply dark background mode, tap “Dark“.

Select “Dark”

A message will appear, indicating that you need to restart the application for the change to take effect. To close this reminder, tap “Got It”.

Click "Got it"

Close the Microsoft Office application and reopen it. You will see the dark mode has been applied.

Dark mode has been applied

Follow the above steps if you want to switch the app look and feel to other themes.

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