How to enter Code Alchemy Stars to receive free gifts

Alchemy Stars is a card game, with tactical gameplay and the image in the game is considered by players as one of the games with extremely eye-catching visuals. Along with that, the interest from the game publisher to gamers through the gifts that players can receive when using the Giftcode entered into the game.

And with the article below, will help those who have not received support gifts can refer to receive gifts through their shares.

Latest Code Alchemy Stars

From a player’s perspective, those who use the in-game gifts will receive many valuable support gifts in the game and easily race to the top than other players. Besides, if you’ve ever played, Ancient Legend of Magic God Ma… if you’re lucky, right in this game, the VIP codes will bring unique gifts to players.

Expiry Code
New theseed
New alchemystars

Instructions for entering code Alchemy Stars

Step 1: Participation complete maps 1-9 to participate in the code input event.

Step 2: Now, click on the notification icon as shown below.

Step 3: Click Event to view events.

Step 4: Then, scroll down and click on Code Redeeming Center.

Step 5: Next press Redeem Now.

Step 6: Enter the codes in the box.

Step 7: Then press Redeem Now to finish entering the code into the game.

Through this article, thinks that sharing about Latest Alchemy Stars code then gamers who are playing this game will need it. Because of the free gifts, VIP poles everyone will receive easily when following the instructions above.

Source: How to enter Code Alchemy Stars to receive free gifts
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