How to enter Code of War God Rises to receive gifts

Crasher: Origin is a mobile game, taking the theme of a monkey that is extremely attractive with a journey to fight, destroy enemies to become an invincible war god. If you are a fan of the story, you cannot ignore this game because there are many gifts through the Giftcode Vip that the game publisher gives to gamers.

The latest Code of War God Rises

With gift codes, people can immediately receive items, gifts … to support players in this game to make the gaming process easier. Along with that, you can easily race Top compared to other players through Giftcode codes.

Code Status CODE
New moon2021 (Expiry date: 10/20)
New CT999
New 43994399
New CT000
New CT111
New CT666
New CT888

Instructions to enter the code of War God Rises into the game

Step 1: In the main interface in the game, please click on the item Welfare in the game.

Step 2: Then select Gift wrapping.

Step 3: Then enter the codes in the blank box.

Step 4: Click Get rewarded to complete entering the code into the game to receive the gift.

With article tutorials, share how to enter code of War God Rises Enter the game to receive gifts in this game of Then I hope that it will make it easier for everyone to race Top than other players.

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