How to enter voice input with the Gboard keyboard app on Android

For a long time, when it comes to word processing, most people often think of typing and typing on the keyboard. However, with the development of technology, today we can completely easily use another modern and more productive method of text editing, which is to input our own words.

Through the real-time speech-to-text features built into many input applications today, you have a fast, simple, and at the same time extremely accurate input method, especially especially in situations where you need hands-free. In this article, we will learn how to enter voice input with the Gboard keyboard on Android.

Voice input with Gboard on Android

Gboard is a virtual keyboard application developed by Google itself and launched in 2016. This application is currently widely used not only in the Android user community, but also with iOS. To use voice input with the Gboard app on your Android device, just follow these simple steps.

First, make sure you’ve downloaded and installed Gboard from the Google Play Store, and set it up as the default keyboard on your Android smartphone or tablet.

By default, the voice input feature will be available as soon as the Gboard application is successfully installed. But to check if this feature is enabled or not, first tap any text field to display the keyboard, then tap the gear icon in the top row to open the settings menu. .

Tap the gear icon

In the settings menu that appears, click “Voice Typing”

Click on “Voice Typing”

Make sure that the toggle switch at the top of the display is turned on.

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Turn on the toggle switch

Now, the voice input feature (Voice Typing) is ready to use. You click again in the text field to display the keyboard, then click the microphone icon to start reading what you need to type.

Click the microphone icon

If this is your first time using this feature, you will be asked to grant recording permission to Gboard. We recommend that you select the option to grant microphone access “While Using the App” (while using the app).

App permissions

Gboard will start listening and you can say what you want to text. Tap the microphone again to stop the process.

Start input

It’s all simply that. What you say will be dynamically “translated” into text in real time and ready to use. Just touch the microphone whenever you want to use this feature again.

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