How to Fix boot EFI, fix error due to loss of EFI partition (UEFI standard)

How to Fix boot EFI, fix error due to loss of EFI partition (UEFI standard)

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In the previous article, I have detailed instructions for how to create an EFI boot partition (ESP) for computers running standard UEFI.

And to continue to the questions that the comment readers asked me about How to fix booting a computer running standard UEFI / GPT by accidentally deleting the BOOT partition or for some reason that the partition is corrupted. I think this is a very real article, because the case of losing the EFI boot partition (ESP) is not a few people.

I. What needs to be prepared?

In order to rescue the computer, we cannot shake hands with the enemy. The first step is still a familiar preparation step, for the case of fixing the EFI boot error, prepare the following tools and knowledge.

  1. Create versatile boot usb: I will use this bootable usb to fix the error, this version has the necessary tools so I encourage you to use it.
  2. Knowledge to prepare: How to enter Mini Windows (Win PE) to fix errors.

=> Yes, there are 2 knowledge you need to know before doing the next steps.

II. How to Fix Boot for computers running UEFI standard?

Read more:

In this tutorial, I will share with you 2 ways to perform Fix boot for EFI partition. You can use it any way.

However, please follow step by step 1, read the articles that you have linked to for the most favorable error correction process.

Note: This article is for computers running under UEFI / GPT standards. If you do not know what this standard is, please review this article. As for computers running standard LEGACY / MBR that have a boot partition error, you just need to reload the MBR.

Method 1: Use Macrium Reflect software to Fix UEFI boot

+ Step 1: Access to Mini Windows to start doing.

If you accidentally deleted the EFI partition (or the ESP), you must recreate this partition first. How to create an EFI partition, I have detailed instructions already, if you do not know how to do it, review the tutorial to create an EFI boot partition.

Note: Must have a boot partition EFI then we can do it again. (Recommend that you should use Partition Winzard software to create it, that is Method 2 in the link above.)

cach-fix-boot-efi-cho-chuan-uefi (1)

+ Step 2: You open the software Macrium Reflect up => press OK to agree.

cach-fix-boot-efi-cho-chuan-uefi (2)

+ Step 3: You switch to the tab Restore => select Fix Windows boot Problems as shown below.

cach-fix-boot-efi-cho-chuan-uefi (3)

+ Step 4: The program is detecting the operating systems available on your computer. Wait a moment for it to scan.

cach-fix-boot-efi-cho-chuan-uefi (4)

+ Step 5: As you can see, the program found on the operating system computer Windows 10 that I am using. Click to select that operating system => then press Next.

cach-fix-boot-efi-cho-chuan-uefi (5)

+ Step 6: Press Finish to start fixing errors.

cach-fix-boot-efi-cho-chuan-uefi (6)

+ Step 7: You notice there is a green check mark in the number line 1 and number 3 is OK => press Yes to perform a computer restart.

cach-fix-boot-efi-cho-chuan-uefi (7)

Method 2: Use Easy UEFI software to Rebuild the EFI partition

+ Step 1: You must also access Mini Windows.

Create an EFI boot partition if you accidentally deleted it previously. Do the number 1 way I just said above.

Then open the software EasyUEFI available on Mini Windows out.

cach-fix-boot-efi-cho-chuan-uefi (8)

+ Step 2: Then, at the main window of the EasyUEFI software, click on the option Manage EFI System Partition as shown below.

cach-fix-boot-efi-cho-chuan-uefi (12)

+ Step 3: Continue you to select features Rebuild EFI System Partition.

cach-fix-boot-efi-cho-chuan-uefi (9)

+ Step 4: At:

  • Please select the destination disk (first) : Please select the hard drive containing the operating system on which you are failing.
  • Please select the boot partition (2) : Means select the boot partition: You choose the drive partition C, the operating system drive.
  • Please select the efi system partition (ESP) you want (3) : Please select the efi system partition (ESP) you want: Here you select a partition EFI (in FAT32 format).

=> After the setup is complete, press Rebuild Fix boot error for EFI partition.

cach-fix-boot-efi-cho-chuan-uefi (10)

+ Step 5: Press Yes to agree. And process Rebuild will start to take place. Please wait a few minutes.

cach-fix-boot-efi-cho-chuan-uefi (11)

+ Step 6: Success message, now you can restart your computer to see the results already.

cach-fix-boot-efi-cho-chuan-uefi (13)

III. Epilogue

OK, so I just gave you very detailed instructions how to fix booting EFI, fix boot partition error for UEFI standard Alright.

With this approach, you can apply it to computers running UEFI standard that are failing to enter Windows or you accidentally delete the boot partition (<500 MB in size) during use.

In addition to the two ways I just instructed above, if you know any other useful ways, do not forget to share so everyone can exchange and learn from each other’s experiences.

Hope this article will be useful to you, wish you success!

Kien Nguyen – techtipsnreview

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