How to fix Google Meet error not receiving mic fast, simple

Studying online but you can’t open the mic to answer or talk. Don’t worry, the following article of GhienCongList will show you how to fix Google Meet not receiving the mic quickly.

Google Meet plays an important role in businesses and schools that hold meetings or learn online in the current era of transition to online form. Errors like Google Meet does not accept mic It must have caused a lot of trouble for users. In this post GhienCongListen I will guide you how to fix the above error.

Fix the error that Google Meet does not recognize the mic on the computer

Here are 9 quick and simple fixes you can do to fix Google Meet not receiving mic error


Make sure the microphone is enabled on Google Meet

It sounds ridiculous, but it’s very convincing. You can follow the habit that you always talk but forget to turn on the mic. It is also possible that you press but the action is still not recognized so the microphone is not really turned on. If people can’t hear you, check your microphone first.

Google Meet does not accept mic


That microphone is already turned on. If the microphone has a slash, it is disabled. You just need to point and and click once to be able to open it.

Granting microphone access on the browser

Maybe you have opened and pressed the mic but when you speak, people still can’t hear what you say. If so, try to check if you have granted access to the microphone or not.


The way to check is as follows:

At the end of the URL input bar, click on the video recording icon like the screen. Then a menu bar appears asking if you allow the camera and microphone.

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Please press select Continue to give the edge of access to your camera and microphone.

Google Meet does not accept mic

The second way if you don’t see the camera icon is to click on the padlock icon right next to the URL address bar. Then you check if the microphone is open (in the green state, you have opened access for the microphone) If not, click the status bar once to turn it on.

Choose your favorite microphone

If you have multiple audio peripherals connected to your PC or Mac, Google Meet may use a different microphone, such as the one built into your computer. This way you can specify the desired Microphone.

Proceed as follows:

Step 1: Click Settings (Settings) on the Google Meet menu.

Google Meet does not accept mic

Step 2: Under the tab Audio (Audio), select the correct microphone that you want it to use. You may want to set the speakers to use the same hardware (if applicable) to prevent potential problems with reverberation.

Google Meet does not accept mic

Step 3: Finally choose Save (Save).

Check input volume level

The microphone on your PC or Mac may have an input level that is too low to pick up your voice. So how can you know this?

  • For Windows PC computers

Step 1: First of all you open Settings (at the Window icon in the lower left corner of the screen). Then find and choose System.

Google Meet does not accept mic

Step 2: At this interface, click Sound. Select Sound Control Panel.

Google Meet does not accept mic

Step 3: Then a new tab appears, click Recording. Right click and select Properties. Immediately after that another tab appears, select Levels. You adjust the parameter to be larger than the initial level. Also, make sure that the icon next to it is not muted.

Google Meet does not accept mic

When finished, click OK.

  • For Mac computers.

Step 1: Click System Preferences (Enter Apple menu > Then select System Preferences).

Step 2: You click Sound then click Input.

Google Meet does not accept mic

Step 3: Choose your preferred microphone, then adjust the input level accordingly. Your changes will automatically save.

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Provide microphone permissions on Windows and macOS computers

Both Windows and macOS have built-in security settings that can prevent programs from using your microphone. You’d better check if that prevents the browser from accessing the microphone if you’re facing a situation where Google Meet doesn’t pick up the mic.

  • Operations for Windows computers

Step 1: You enter Settings > Then press select Privacy.

Google Meet does not accept mic

Step 2: At the interface Privacy > please click select Microphone. In the Allow apps to accept your microphone section, make sure the status bar is in ON mode.

Google Meet does not accept mic

  • Operations for macOS

Step 1: You enter System Preferences. Then choose Security & Privacy > Select Privacy.

Step 2: Click Microphonethen select the browser you use to call Google Meet by ticking the box as shown.

Google Meet does not accept mic

Restart the browser

Try quitting and relaunching your browser. It’s also a solution to fix microphone-related issues, such as in case your audio can’t come out after a few minutes of joining a Google Meet call.

After you have restarted the browser, rejoin the meeting and check if you can use the mic. If not, please refer to the methods below

Restart the computer

If restarting your browser doesn’t work, try restarting your PC or Mac. This action also helps to fix various microphone abnormalities in Google Meet. After restarting, please re-enter the meeting.

Use the Windows troubleshooter

On Windows 10 there are features with a built-in troubleshooter that can detect and fix microphone-related problems.

Step 1: You go to Settings Select System.

Google Meet does not accept mic

Step 2: Then select Sound. Please scroll down to find the item Input. Here, please click Troubleshoot.

Google Meet does not accept mic

Step 3: If the troubleshooter detects any problems with your microphone, follow the on-screen prompts to resolve them.

Use the microphone troubleshooter on macOS

On macOS, your microphone can be used by other apps or browser extensions, thus preventing Google Meet from using your microphone.

To fix this, you need to open Terminal (Enter Finder > Select Applications > Click Utilities > Select Terminal). Then type the underlined command line as shown below.

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Command line content: sudo killall coreaudiod

Google Meet does not accept mic

Fix the error that Google Meet does not recognize the mic on the phone

Not only on computers, the phenomenon that Google Meet does not accept the mic appears, but even on phones, it can appear.

The error Google Meet does not recognize the microphone on Android, iPhone can be caused by a number of different reasons such as a temporary problem with Google’s servers, a problem with the application itself, or the necessary permissions are not granted for the microphone to work properly. often.

Here are ways to fix it:

Make sure your microphone is not muted: If the mic is off, create a Microphone icon with a slash. You need to press once on that icon to open the mic.

Google Meet does not accept mic

Grant microphone access to Google Meet: Google Meet needs access to the camera and microphone so you can conduct Meet meetings on Android and iOS devices.

Normally, the permission prompt will appear when you open the app for the first time, but chances are you have denied it accidentally or the app is blocked by some kind of system manager.

To grant microphone access to Google Meet, do the following:

Step 1: You open Settings (Settings) > choose Apps & notifications or Apps > All apps.

Step 2: You choose Google Meet from the list of installed applications on the Android device (or Gmail if you access Meet through the Gmail app).

Step 3: Tap Permissions > Microphone and Allow (Allow).

Google Meet does not accept mic

Step 1: You open the application Setting and choose Google Meet from the list of installed apps on iPhone.

Step 2: In the section Allow Meet Accessyou turn on Micro and Camera.

Delete and reinstall the app: If you have granted permission but still can’t fix the phenomenon of Google Meet not receiving the mic, please delete Google Meet and download it again. Maybe there’s something wrong with your app.

Use Google Meet on a web browser: If the problem of Google Meet not receiving the mic is still not fixed, most likely the fault is on Google’s side. The company will certainly have a fix. You can wait a while and update again.

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Above are all the ways to fix Google Meet error not receiving mic. Hope the article will provide you with useful information. Don’t forget to Like, Share the article so that GhienCongListen has the motivation to make more quality articles.

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