How to grow Play Together plants to bloom quickly

Some new content has reached gamers in the Play Together update 30/8. Including system tweaks. Most notable is the new update on planting flowers in Play Together.

Growing flowers in Play Together indoors will add color and aesthetics to your home, and increase your income. If you don’t know how to plant trees in Play Together, check out the instructions below.

How to plant flowers Play Together, plant money trees in Play Together

Step 1: First find the location of the florist at the Plaza. The florist’s location is right next to the entrance to Home Town. If the location is not clear, you can select Map and select Flower Shop.

in spicy play together

Step 2: Once there you will see a familiar image from the florist. Select the shopping icon to start buying flower pots.

in spicy play together

Choose Buy Pots.

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Step 3: There are three types of pots but differ only in color, and in terms of use are identical. Their prices are also identical.

potted plants play together

You just need to choose the color of the pot that matches the type of furniture in the house.

flower pots play together

Step 4: Then enter your house.

plant flowers play together

Step 5: Choose the decoration item, choose the furniture you currently have, select the potted plant you just bought and place it in the appropriate place.

plant trees play together

Step 6: Approach the plant pot you just placed, then select the tree icon above the pot.

plant trees play together

Step 7: The first time you plant a tree, you will be given seeds, choose the seeds you want to plant. The longer the seed is sown, the greater the harvest value.

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plant trees play together

Select the seed you want to sow and select Sow to start planting.

plant trees play together

When the planting time is in the circle around the full pot icon, it will be green. That’s when you’ve finished planting your flowers. Note that a day you can only take care of up to 3 pots of plants.

in spicy play together

Planting trees and harvesting will help players have more work to increase their income in addition to other money making. Maybe the precious seeds that grow high-priced plants will appear in the upcoming Code Play Together or in the Play Together maintenance gift list.

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