How to install Google Chrome as the default browser on iOS 14

On iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 just released, for the first time Apple allows users to set a browser, third-party email as the default application. This means that instead of Safari or Apple’s native Mail app, users can set iPhone and iPad to open apps like Google Chrome and Gmail every time the system needs to use them.

When iOS 14 launched, though, third-party apps weren’t ready for this feature yet. Most recently, Google Chrome has been updated to be used as the default browser on iOS 14.

Here we would like to guide you through the necessary steps to set Chrome as the default browser on iOS 14:

Step 1: Download Google Chrome latest version from App Store or if you have installed it

Step 2: Open the application Setting iPhone

Step 3: Scroll down to find and select Chrome

Step 4: Click the option “Default browser application

Step 5: Select Chrome

After you complete the steps above, any app that wants to access a website will run Google Chrome instead of Safari. To change back to Safari, simply repeat the steps above and select Safari in step 5.

In the future, it is possible that major browsers such as Firefox, Opera … will also be updated with the default setting on iOS 14. iOS 14 is currently being distributed as a beta. Most likely the official version of iOS 14 will be released during the “Time Flies” event took place on 15/9.

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