How to install MathType in Word

In order to help users immediately use MathType software to type Math formulas in Word, we were able to install the MathType add-in right on Word, besides adding MathType to Word through the installation software. When you install the MathType add-in in Word, the user interface is similar to the MathType software. The following article will show you how to install MathType in Word and how to use MathType in Word.

How to install MathType in Word 2016 and above

Step 1:

At the interface in Word, click Insert then look below, click next My Add-ins mục to find the MathType add-in.

Add ins in Word

Step 2:

Switch to the new interface you click on Store item then click on Office Store to access the Store to find Add-ins.

Store Add ins in Word

Step 3:

At this point we will enter the keyword MathType in the search bar and you will see MathType add-in same picture. Click the Add button to install this add-in in Word.

MathType Add ins in Word

Display interface with settings terms, press Continue to proceed with the installation of MathType in Word.

Install MathType Add ins in Word

Step 4:

Results you will see MathType icon in the Add-ins installed on Word as shown below.

Select Add in in Word

Click the icon and then display an additional column on the right edge of the Word interface. We press Open MathType to use MathType is okay.

Using MathType in Word

Instructions for using MathType installed in Word

Step 1:

After you activate the MathType add-ins in Word, the formula input table and different types will be displayed as below.

MathType Math formula entry table in Word

Step 2:

We will use each item in the MathType interface to enter formulas as well as Math, or Chemistry expressions. Later Click Insert to insert content into Word.

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Insert Math formulas in Word

The result of the expression you enter will display in Word as shown below.

Show Math formulas

Step 3:

In the interface of MathType we can Adjust font, font size to make it easier to see when entering Word.

Adjust MathType font in Word

Step 4:

In addition to supporting input of Math expressions and formulas, the MathType add-ins also have the option to import Chemistry expressions. You click Open ChemType to open the interface panel.

Insert a formula in Word

Finally, you also enter Chemistry expressions and formulas in the MathType interface to insert into Word.

MathType Chemistry Formula in Word

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