How to limit the number of wrong login attempts on a Windows computer

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As you know, in order to ensure information safety and security for personal computers for Windows users, Microsoft has integrated the feature of linking Microsoft accounts with Windows operating systems when you start. touch the computer.

This feature is one of the pretty cool features that MS provides to users, it greatly reduces the unnecessary risks that the user can cause.

But for many personal computers that contain a lot of important data, I think that is still not enough. Because the Microsoft account sign-in feature does not limit the number of incorrect user account password attempts.

This is quite dangerous in the case of bad guys watching us and taking advantage of the loophole to take control of the computer by trying to login many times when they guess the password.

That’s why today I’m going to show you how limit the number of wrong login attempts on the computer mine. And if you exceed the specified number of times, your computer will immediately be locked in the time that you set.

Now let’s get started….

#first. Use Windows PowerShell

This way applies on Windows 10.

+ Step 1: Run Windows PowerShell as Admin by pressing the key combination Windows + S and search with keywords PowerShell => right click and select Run as administrator.

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New-place-in-the-place-on-windows (1)

+ Step 2: Enter an order net accounts and press Enter To test.

New-place-in-the-place-on-windows (2)

If the line Lockout threshold as a result Never it means that you have not set up the self-locking feature of your computer when you log in incorrectly for the prescribed number of times.

New-place-in-the-place-on-windows (3)

+ Step 3: Enter the command net accounts /lockoutthreshold:số_lần_nhập_sai and press Enter to set the number of incorrect login permissions. Here I think 5 times.

New-place-in-the-place-on-windows (4)

+ Step 4: Enter an order net accounts /lockoutduration:số_phút and press Enter to set the time that Window locks itself.

South-Korea-just-import-on-windows (6)

+ Step 5: Enter an order net accounts /lockoutwindow:số_phút and press Enter to set windows log back on after lock time.

New-year-old-couple-on-windows (7)

+ Step 6: Finally, run the command again net accounts to check the settings.

New-years-old-couple-on-windows (8)

If you want to cancel the auto-lock feature, run the command net accounts /lockoutthreshold:0.

New-place-in-the-place-on-windows (9)

#2. Use Windows Local Group Policy Editor

+ Step 1: Open Local Group Policy Editor Up by pressing the combination Windows + R. Run the command gpedit.msc

New-year-old-couple-on-windows (10)

+ Step 2: Dialog Local Group Policy Editor appears, please access the following path:

“Computer Configuration => Windows Settings => Security Settings => Account Policies => Account Lockout Policy”.

Then click on Account lockout threshold.

New-years-old-couple-on-windows (11)

A dialog box will appear, please set the number of allowed incorrect input.

New-years-old-couple-on-windows (12)

There will be a dialog box suggesting how long to lock and re-open the login 30 minute. Click OK.

New-place-in-the-place-on-windows (13)

+ Step 3: If you want to reset the time, please go to the 2 remaining items to fix.

New-years-old-couple-on-windows (14)

If you want to cancel the feature of limiting the number of incorrect logins on Windows, please click to re-enter the section Account lockout threshold => and let the number of times be is done.

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OK, so I have finished showing you how to limit the number of incorrect logins on Windows computers Alright. By doing this, you can better secure your computer and limit the curiosity of curious people who want to gain unauthorized access to your computer.

Thank you for watching. Wish you have a good time working.

Good luck !

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