How to lock a computer with USB, unlock Windows with USB

How to lock a computer with USB, unlock Windows with USB

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Yes, any door / gate (true) needs a key to protect it to bring privacy to the landlord, otherwise you don’t lock the door every time you go out. Your furniture will evaporate sooner or later 😀

A computer is the same, what if you let it go? If your computer has nothing important, nothing private, then OK, take the hen.

But if there are many important documents in the computer, then a key to the computer and a job needed. Therefore, in this article I will share with you how to create a key for the computer without having to remember the cumbersome password.

That means with just one USB plugging, you can open, or lock your active computer very simply without worrying about security problems 😀

It sounds quite interesting, doesn’t it / Okay, if you are already feeling excited, don’t hesitate to go to the main content of the post right away 😀

Instructions to create a computer security key by USB

+ Step 1: First, download the Predator app from the download link below.

Download Predator software: Link from home page / Link backup

Note: Choose the correct 32bit or 64bit version that is suitable for the platform you are using. If you do not know what your computer is using Windows 32bit and Windows 64bit, you can review here!

=> Then extract the file InstallPredator which you just downloaded => double click on the file InstallPredator.exe => select Next to start the installation.

How-to-computer-bang-usb (1)

+ Step 2: Next you tick the box I Agrre to agree to developer terms => and press Next to continue.

How-to-computer-bang-usb (2)

+ Step 3: Then you click Next to continue.

How-to-computer-bang-usb (3)

At this step, you can click Browse... to choose another installation partition. However, here I will leave it as default and press Next.

How-to-computer-bang-usb (4)

+ Step 4: Press Next to Install.

How-to-computer-bang-usb (5)

Once the installation is complete, click Close to exit the Predator interface.

How-to-computer-bang-usb (6)

+ Step 5: Now, connect your USB to your computer => then click open the application Predator off the desktop.

At the dialog box Predator Setup => you click OK to allow the application to be installed on the USB.

How-to-computer-bang-usb (7)

+ Step 6: At interface Predator Initialization, in section New Password => type the password you want to put in => then select Select Drive is your current USB => Then press OK to establish.

Password This will be used until you accidentally do not carry a USB flash drive or lose it.

How-to-computer-bang-usb (8)

When the setup is complete, the Taskbar will display a notification Monitoring is on (open monitoring from USB).

How-to-computer-bang-usb (9)

+ Step 7: Now you can Restart re-computer to apply.

  • To test the lockout mode, please unplug the current USB drive, after 5 seconds the computer will automatically shut down without you having to use a shortcut, or Shut down.
  • When you need to reopen the computer to work, you just need to plug the USB into the machine.

How-to-computer-bang-usb (10)


Okay that’s it, so I just guided you How to lock a computer with USB with Predator software a simple and safe way.

With this trick, you can easily unlock or lock your computer quickly without having to use a password, thereby improving the security of your PC when working in a workplace environment. concerned …

At this point, my article here would like to be paused. Hope this tip will be useful to you all.

Good luck !

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