How to make a semi-transparent image in GIMP

If you want to manipulate images or simply want to design a logo for your website or business blog, you can use the GNU Image Manipulation Program tool, GIMP for short, as a free alternative. for advanced image editing software. GIMP can create semi-transparent images very effectively, especially when users want to create business logos. GIMP is not difficult to use, and the process of creating this semi-transparent image only takes a few minutes to do.

1. Launch GIMP and open the image you want to make semi-transparent.

Open image

2. Press the key combination Ctrl + ERROR to show the toolbox Layers on the right side of the GIMP window. You can also click “Windows” at the top and select “Layer” from the menu. The layer containing the image is selected by default.


3. Click and drag the slider “Opacity” at the top of the toolbox Layers left to decrease opacity and increase transparency.


4. Set the slider Opacity at the level “50” to create a semi-transparent image.

Level 50

5. Save the image in GIF, TARGA, PNG or TIFF format to maintain transparency.

User can also enter number “50” in the box next to the slider Opacity and press “Enter” to make the image semi-transparent.

Good luck!

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