How to make the laptop still run when folding the laptop screen?

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Unlike on a PC, just one press of the Power button can turn off the screen, but the PC still runs, because for a desktop computer, the screen and the case are two separate parts. ?

As for laptops, it is different, how to keep the machine running normally while the screen is folded down? This is probably a question that many of you have asked, especially students / students who are secretly using computers under the management of their families ?

Actually, this is a pretty simple tip, but it gives us a lot of benefits when using it, for example you want to listen to music when the laptop screen is folded down, or you can keep the device active to render. videos, hang up software, play games, or install software for up to hours without wanting to “see the laptop screen”….

If you do not know…. So let me share this tip with you.

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Laptop setup is still running when the screen is folded down

+ Step 1: In the bar Taskbar we see the battery icon, you can see the% remaining battery right.

The-picture-of-laptop-and-a-machine-and-a-service (1)

Now we will right click on that battery icon => then select Power Options.

The-screen-laptop-ma-and-la-vegetarian (2)

Also, we can quickly open the window Power Options using the command in the Run dialog box, that is: Press the key combination Windows + R => enter command powercfg.cpl => Press Enter is done.

+ Step 2: After entering the Setting of Power Options, we look to the left column => select the item Choose what closing the lid does.

The-screen-laptop-and-the-mill-and-a-la-carte (5)

+ Step 3: Ok, here we see a lot of Setting options such as: When pressing the Power button, when pressing the Sleep button (when plugged in or not).

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=> And in line 3 is When I close the lid This is the option we need to consider.

The-picture-of-laptop-and-a-machine-and-and-a-service (3)

Now we will move on from Sleep Fort Do nothing as shown below.

The-picture-of-laptop-and-and-a-service (4)

+ Step 4: Then you click Save Changes to save changes is done.


So you have successfully set up the mode laptop screen folding without shutdown and that.

Ok, so now you can freely plow the game, install software that the laptop screen can open comfortably, in addition you can listen to music at night and the light no longer affects you. Right.

Wish you a very pleasant working day ^^

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