How to play Among Us Online, download Among Us Online

We already have version Among Us on PC and Mobile, both of these versions are only slightly different in how to control the character in the game.

Upcoming we also have a new map Among Us – Toppat spaceship. This is the largest map Among Us compared to the three old maps and gamers will definitely take some initial time to get used to.

In addition, you can also have fun with version of Among Us Online. In this version, you will always play the role of Impostor to kill the Crewmate. And if you let them catch you, you will be immediately taken off the map.

Among Us Online, but in fact you just play with the device only. However, the machine here will be quite sensitive and you will be caught when you kill people. The fact that you can always be an Impostor will help you to have more killer skills when playing for real. How to play Among Us Online, please see the instructions below.

Download Among Us Online and how to play

Step 1: Click on the link below and open it up, then you can invite your friends in by selecting Invite Friends. Next, copy the link above and share it with your friends.

Among Us Online

Step 2: In the editing screen, you will have the following options:

  • Your Name: Name of your character
  • Share to Unlock: Share the game via Facebook to unlock color pickers, pets and hats.
  • Kill Distance: Killing distance
  • Kill Cooldown: Kill cooldown
  • Speed: Movement speed, any type of adjustment, you will also be slower than the machines.
  • Task Amount: Number of tasks to do.

Although the difficulty of the game is not too high, if you kill in front of other Crewmates, you will be kicked off the map and lose immediately.

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In general, this version Among Us Online will help those who are new to playing Among Us practice to become a professional assassin. The advice for you is to set the Kill Distance a bit higher

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